Policy on Renewable Energy


Acquisition of knowledge, ability and expertise (1) Policy and law concepts; (2) National, EU and international legislation; (3) Basis for an energy policy.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Margarida Boavida Pontes Gonçalves


Weekly - 4

Total - 70

Teaching language



Not predicted.


Khanna, M.; Scheffran, J.; Zilberman, D. (2009) Handbook of Bioenergy Economics and Policy (Natural Resource Management and Policy), Springer (Publs.), 439 pp (ISBN 978-1441903686)

J.R. Fanchi (2004) Energy: Technology and Directions for the Future. Academic Press (Ed.), 400 pp (ISBN 0122482913)

Adams, D. A. (2007) Renewable Resource Policy: The Legal-Institutional Foundations, Island Press (Eds.), 572 pp (ISBN 978-1597261739) 

Mallon, K. (2006) Renewable Energy Policy and Politics: A Handbook for Decision-Making, Mallon, K. (Ed.), Earthscan Publications Ltd. (Publs.), 288 pp (ISBN 978-1844071265) 

Legislação nacional, comunitária e international.

Teaching method


The learning methodologies include an oral theme presentation by the teacher, in theoretical sessions, and its discussion and critical analysis, during or at the presentation´s ending. The students are called to take the critical remarks upon themselves and it is encouraged the development of a students’ proactive participation. The themes discussion is developed and deepened during the theoretical-practical sessions, as well as the documental research and its application, in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge and the individual and group´s presentation and critical reasoning.

Evaluation method

According the FCT´s assessment rules, the assessment is constituted by an work, concerning one of the subjects approached during the shoolar period, its oral presentation and discussion, with a 35%, 35% and 30% contribution, respectively, to final classification. The non-approved students do a final resort exam.

The curricular unit approval requires a minimum classification of 9.5 values (out of 20 values).

Subject matter

European Energy Policy: a) Conceptual framework, tools, strategic objectives, action plan, members state’s solidarity; b) European Energy Charter, Renewable Energy Road Map, Climate Change Package; c) Action plan for energy efficiency, Strategic energy technology plan (SET Plan); d) Directive of Renewable Energies (Directive 2009/28/EC); e) External policy and integration of european energy and development’s policies.

National Energy Policy: a) National energy´s strategic, National program for electric mobility; b) National action plan for the renewable energies; National action plan for energetic efficiency; c) Integration and compatibilization of the european, national and regional energies’ policies.

International Energy Policy: a) Energy global market; b) Sustainability, supply and grid’s safety, competitively, regulation, infrastructures; c) International negotiation and tools.


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