Preparation of the Thesis Plan


With this curricular unit, it is expected that students develop a consistent PhD thesis plan in accordance with available topics. These topics are chosen by the PhD programme governance (in accordance with established rules) and made available to students at the beginning of each PhD programme cohort.

Several major goals should be achieved, such as choosing thesis topic, supervisor and research laboratories where the work will be performed (theoretical, experimental or even both)

It is also a purpose of the curricular unit that students attain a broad knowledge of the topic’s specific bibliography and, regarding the PhD topic, are able to perform tasks regarding problem discussion, experiments planning and data analysis.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Paulo Manuel Assis Loureiro Limão Vieira, Pedro António de Brito Tavares


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 100

Teaching language





Any within the scope of the presentations.

Teaching method

For each PhD programme edition a set of thesis themes proposals submitted by the principal supervisors will be available for applicants that will then follow the scheme above.

Evaluation method


Subject matter

For this curricular unit, the syllabus is not specific of a single topic but dependent on the topics that, for each PhD program cohort, are made available by the possible PhD supervisors. Students will be aware of the topics offer at the beginning of each cohort and PhD themes are only limited by the PhD programme global thematic.