Labour Law


- A first contact with the idea of labor;
- Acquisition of the basic concepts of Labor Law ;
- Perception of the specific nature of the labor contracts ;
- Stimulate the discussion of labor problems.

General characterization





Responsible teacher



Weekly - 4.5

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



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Teaching method

- Theoretical lectures
- Practical lectures
- Case study
- Debates on a series of themes
 - Final written exam (mandatory)


Evaluation method

Classes will be structured in order to combine a theoretical component and the participation of the students.
Given the diversity of students, there are also differentiated work opportunities for those who wish to participate in discussions or written research, monitored by the professor.
Final evaluation exam (mandatory) helps to maintain a uniform level of exigency, showing its adequacy in the context of the School and in this training offer in particular.

Subject matter

The program focuses on the core elements elements of an Introduction to the Labor Law. 


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