International Commercial Law


International Commercial Law mainly includes the study of principles and rules that govern international commercial transactions, in the sense of commercial transactions connected with more than one state law.

Students will become familiar with the plurality of sources and methods that characterize International Commercial Law.

General characterization





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Weekly - 3

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English and Portuguese


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Teaching method

Classes of this discipline are taught in an interactive system. Based on the theoretical knowledge transmitted by Professors, Students shall present interactive displays about subjects comprised in the program.

Evaluation method

Evaluation method will be the general one for the course, taking into account the work developed during the semester.

Depending on the number of Students, it is possible the approval in this discipline following the continuous evaluation method.

In any case, there will be the final written exam for students who do not wish to be continuously evaluated or who seek to improve the grade resulting from the continuous evaluation process.

Subject matter

The syllabus presented reflects a broad perspective either between the various subjects which are in the field of study or the legal and practical realities nowadays. Apart from a theoretical doctrinal approach to legal concepts, it seeks to equip students with the skills required for a proper use of legal instruments essential to their future professional activity in relations to international commercial law.

The course will fovuse on the analysis of relevant norms, both at national and international levels.