The main objective of this curricular unit is the deepening of knowledge in an increasingly relevant area of Law. The curricular unit makes it possible to revisit subjects of general theory of private law and the law of obligations, applied to contracting in the digital age. Students also learn about some of the main trends in European contract law, as the digital market and digital procurement now play a central role in European policy. Teaching is geared towards resolving specific cases, enabling skills to be developed in the application of the knowledge acquired. Teaching is contextualised, as the subject matter is made up of everyday cases and businesses, of which students have direct experience, which helps the legal understanding of the problems, reducing the barriers of technical complexity and interdisciplinary connection.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Jorge Morais Carvalho


Weekly - 3

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



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- AAVV, European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market ¿ The Implications of the Digital Revolution, Intersentia,
Cambridge, 2016
- AAVV, The Sharing Economy, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018

Teaching method

- All classes are dialogued between professor and students.
- Teaching is provided through the resolution of case studies.

Evaluation method

The evaluation can be continuous or final, being the student' s choice: (i) the continuous evaluation presupposes that the student works throughout the semester; (ii) the final evaluation is composed of an exam, which is worth 100% of the final grade, with no attendance requirement.

Subject matter

The syllabus reflects the concern to touch on all the essential points of the general theory in light of digital contracting. In-depth knowledge of the rules and principles of digital contracts is essential for complete legal training in the area of law and technology, allowing students to get to know and work on modern forms of contracting. This is a subject that we all have to deal with on a daily basis, and traders have an urgent need to adapt their practices to the rules and principles of digital contracting. The importance of European contract law is highlighted throughout the syllabus, since the development of Portuguese law is inseparable from the development of European law.


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