Master in Medical Microbiology

Education objectives

• Theoretical-practical training in Medical Microbiology, with a view to enhancing basic training in the area of Life and Health Sciences;
• Research, development and innovation, with particular emphasis on the area of molecular microbiology applied to Medical Microbiology;
• Update of knowledge in order to improve professional skills in the areas of clinical and laboratory microbiological diagnosis;
• Optimization of the functional link between the microbiological diagnostic laboratory and clinical practice and therapeutic decision;
• Preparation, based on a solid basis, for the continuation of academic training, namely, through the completion of a 3rd training cycle, leading to the degree of Doctor.
Master's degree under the responsibility of ITQB NOVA.

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General characterization

DGES code



Master (2nd Cycle)



Access to other programs

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Adriano O. Henriques (ITQB)

Opening date

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Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

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Conditions of admittance

Graduates or holders of legally equivalent qualifications in the area of Life and Health Sciences (Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, and other related areas, to be evaluated by the scientific committee of the course).

Evaluation rules

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