Master in Public Health and Development

Education objectives

The Master's in Public Health and Development reflects the concern about health problems, health systems and social contexts in low and middle income countries. In this program, the emphasis is placed on the problems of the initial phase of the “health transition”, on the implications arising from resource limitations and institutional weaknesses in health systems and from “Human Development” indices.
Issues related to governance, the consolidation of civil society and migratory phenomena are also analyzed, as well as their reflection on problems such as social exclusion and social and health inequalities.

General characterization

DGES code



Master (2nd Cycle)



Access to other programs

Enables the continuity of training, at the level of the 3rd cycle of studies, in any area of Health and Development.


Isabel Craveiro

Opening date

October 2020




3000 euros


Fridays from 9 6 p.m.

Teaching language


Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 3 academic semesters.
The curricular component corresponds to the first two semesters.
The third semester concerns the non-academic component of preparation and presentation of an original dissertation and requires, for its frequency, approvation in all curricular units of the 1st and 2nd semesters.
Total credits: 93 ECTS for the assignment of the master's degree (60 in curricular units + 33 in the preparation of the dissertation).

Conditions of admittance

Consult the Course Regulations available at

Evaluation rules

Evaluation Regulation available at
Each curricular unit (UC) is evaluated according to the criteria established by the Responsible Teacher, which are available in the section "Evauation methods" in the "General characterization" tab of each CU.
1 - The evaluation result is expressed on a numerical scale from 0 to 20 values.
2 - The student is considered approved when the final classification is equal to or higher than 10 values.
3 - The classification of the master's curriculum component corresponds to the weighted average by the number of ECTS of the final classifications obtained by the student in each curricular unit.


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