Market Research


To understand why market research is important.

To learn what information is needed to answer specific research questions.

To learn how to obtain that information.

To know how to make meaningful insights from the data.

To understand what the different applications are of the insights we gain from market research.

To understand how market research can help the decision-making process.

General characterization





Responsible teacher


Weekly - Available soon

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Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English




Malhotra, Naresh K., Birks, David F. (2012). Marketing research: an applied approach. Fourth European edition. Harlow: Prentice Hall/Financial Times.; Vilares, M., Coelho, P.S. (2011). Satisfação e Lealdade do Cliente – Metodologias de avaliação, gestão e análise. Escolar Editora.; Aaker, Kumar, Day (2001). Marketing Research. Wiley.; 0; 0

Teaching method


Group exercises in breakout rooms

Group project (developing and conducting a market research for a local firm)

Final exam

Evaluation method

Group project - 40%

Final exam - 50%

Participation & attendance - 10%

Subject matter

Week Topic Chapters from Nunan et al.
Week 1 Introduction to market research Chapter 1
Week 2  Research problem and research design Chapters 2 & 3
Week 3  Secondary data Chapter 4
Week 4  Qualitative research I. Chapters 6 & 7
Week 5  Qualitative research II. Chapters 8 & 9
Week 6  Survey & questionnaire design Chapters 10 & 13
Week 7  Causal research (experiments) Chapter 11
Week 8  Sampling (design, procedures and size) Chapters 14 & 15
Week 9 ANOVA Chapter 21
Week 10  Correlation and regression Chapter 22
Week 11  Factor & cluster analysis Chapters 24 & 25
Week 12  Communicating research findings Chapter 28
Week 13  Group presentations  


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