Digital Enterprise Management Project Cases


By the end of this module, students will have put all the concepts learned in the remaining postgraduate modules, in a practical context, by working on a simulated project for a company.

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Responsible teacher

Jorge Manuel Carrola Rodrigues


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Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English


This module is exclusive for Students that attended the postgraduation in its respective first semester.


Davenport, Thomas H, “Big Data at Work”. 2014; Uhl, Axel; Gollenia, Lars Alexander, “A Handbook of Business Transformation Management Methodology”. 2012; 0; 0; 0

Teaching method

- Practical work classes by teams that simulate consultants for the management team of a company in digital transformation;

- Coaching by faculty of the mandatory Postgraduate modules.

Evaluation method

- Two (2) case studies, with the delivery of a Document/Report and Presentation, valued each at 15% of the final grade;

- Project with final proposal and presentation for the digital, organizational and systems transformation of a selected company, valued at 70%;

- Being a Project and Case Studies module, it does not have a final exam or second term examination.

Subject matter

1. Case Study of Company A

2. Case Study of Company B

3. Presentation of the Global Project - Current situation of company C regarding the organization and systems of information;

4. Simulations with interviews with various managers of the company, regarding the current situation, challenges, market trends and opportunities, organizational climate and state of preparedness for transformation;

5. Presentation and discussion of the methodological approach for the analysis and elaboration of solutions [ project business transformation facilitated by digitization ];

6. Preparation, by the team, of the presentation and strategic proposal document for the company digital transformation;

7. Preparation of final proposal and presentation, for organizational and systems transformation of selected company.


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