Cartographic Sciences


Understand the fundamental concepts and techniques of geodesy (Earth geometric models, geodetic reference systems and vertical/horizontal coordinates). To know the fundamental techniques used in topography (determining angles and distances, levelling operations, positioning), Photogrammetry; Global Position Systems; Laser Scanning. Understand the fundamental theoretical concepts of cartography (map conceptualization and map projections), coordinate transformation and geographical information quality and standards.

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Responsible teacher

Luísa Maria da Silva Gonçalves


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Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English


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Gaspar, Joaquim (2005). Cartas e Projecções Cartográficas, 3ª ed. Lidel Edições Técnicas, Lisboa ;

Gonçalves, José (2012). Topografia Conceitos e Aplicações, 3ª Edição. Lidel Edições Técnicas, Lisboa;

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Class notes available on the internet course homepage

Teaching method

The curricular unit is based on theoretical and pratical synchronous sessions (e-learning). The theoretical and pratical sessions include presentation of concepts and resolution of exercises.The learning is done through exercises, some of them compulsory. There is a final project oriented by the professor, which topic is select by the student according to their individual/professional experiences.

Evaluation method

Progression Tests (PT) (10%) Final Exam (FE) (30%) 

Final project (FP) (60%) 

Final mark = PT x 0,10 + FE x 0,3 + FP x 0,60 >=10 (min FE>= 8,0 points; min FP>= 9,5 points )

Subject matter

Module 1 - Elements of geodesy


     Earth models

     Coordinates systems

     Geodetic and altimetry references

Module 2 - Elements of topography and Photogrammetry


     Topographic methods


    Other Techniques

Module 3 - Elements of Cartography


     Knowing maps

     Understanding maps

     Map projections

Module 4 - Sources, transformations and data quality

     Referencing systems

     Coordinates transformation

     Quality of geographic information