Information Project Management II


Complementing the knowledge of project management practices, acquired in the previous trimester, using project management software for planning the schedule, resources and costs and for project controlling. Address the project management governance, the management of programmes and portfolios and the functions of the projects¿ office.

General characterization





Responsible teacher


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English


  • Attendance with approval of the current Information Project Management course (7 weeks), or
  • Attendance with approval of Information Systems Project Management (Information Systems Bachelor Degree course), or
  • Equivalence to Information Systems Project Management, from another School and recognized by NOVA IMS


Carvalho, Nuno Ponces & Bernardo, Maria do Rosário (2020). Gestão de Projetos - As práticas no contexto organizacional. 1ª edição, Edições Sílabo, Lisboa.

NP 4519:2019 Gestão de projectos. Vocabulário

NP 4535:2017 Requisitos para a gestão de projectos

ISO 21502: 2020 Guidance on Project, programme and portfolio management - Guidance on Project Management

ISO 21503: 2017 Guidance on Project, programme and portfolio management - Guidance on Programme Management

ISO 21503: 2015 Guidance on Project, programme and portfolio management - Guidance on Portfolio Management

ISO 21505: 2017 Guidance on Project, programme and portfolio management - Guidance on Governance

Teaching method

The curricular unit is based on theoretical classes, complemented by three practical assignments. Theoretical classes include presentation and discussion of project planning and control concepts; governance of project management; program management; Portfolio Management and Project Management Offices.
The practical assignments are designed to prepare a simplified project plan, based on a case study presented to the Students and on the simulation of project control, including the preparation of the report documentation. Students are then given feedback on the deliveries.

Evaluation method


Written exam (NE): minimum score of 9,5 is mandatory

If NE < 9,5 , NF = NE

Practical classification (NP)=EX2*0,7+EX3*0,3

Final classifcation (NF)= (0,6* NE + 0,4 * NP)


Appeals to increase the classification: It´s considered the exam classification and the practice classification, as defined before.

Appeals to get approval: In addition to the exam, The practice classification is considered as before.

Subject matter

The curricular unit is organized in 7 Learning Units (LU):

LU1. Review of project management basic concepts and apply those in a business case resolution

LU2. Using the Microsoft Project in activities planning

LU3. Project control simulation

    Project progress, status and close reports

    Changes and issues management

LU4. Project management governance

LU5. Organizational strategies implementation and programme management

LU6. Portfolio management

LU7. Projects support offices (PSO / PMO)

   Functions and services

   Organizational benefits