NOVA School of Business and Economics


Nova SBE is the most prestigious school of Business & Economics and one of the main leading business schools in Europe. It is the economic, financial, and management sciences School of NOVA University Lisbon. The current Dean is Professor Daniel Traça (PhD, Columbia University). Nova SBE is a CEMS member since December 2017. It is one of the 77 business schools worldwide with the Triple Crown accreditation, which implies that is credited by EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB. It was the first Portuguese business school to have international accreditations and worldwide international recognition in higher education. Nova SBE’s international vision is also reflected in having English as its official language. More than half of its Bachelor’s courses and all of the Master’s, MBA, and PhD programs are lectured in English.
Its campus, located in Carcavelos, matches the rigorous and demanding approach to teaching and research and how it is dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that impacts the world. It is the idyllic scenario of a unique learning experience and a space for people, dialogue, and opportunity. It is built by a community of enterprise and inspired by the will to develop meaningful solutions to improve and transform the world. Its location and its Nova Way of Life make Nova SBE a space where the safety of the books meets the courage of the lab and in which people can dare to grow boldly.

Mobility students

Exchange programs

Students at NOVA School of Business and Economics have the opportunity to study during one semester, in a foreign University, often under the ERASMUS protocol. Nova SBE usually sends around 350 students to study abroad to more than 160 Universities, in 50 different countries, with which our school has bilateral agreements and receives cc 550 students every year. Students can apply to the exchange program twice a year, since there are two calls - in September (Master's) and November (Bachelor's) and February (both levels), through which they are ranked and selected to the respective universities of their choice. This experience gives the students the opportunity to study in some of the best schools in the world, gain more knowledge and enrich their curricular and personal background.

Academic authorities

  • Dean Prof. Doutor Daniel Abel Monteiro Palhares Traça
  • Scientific Council President Prof. Doutor Miguel Ferreira
  • Pedagogical Council President Prof. Ana Balcão Reis

Admission and enrollment

Admissions to Nova SBE
Nova SBE offers Bachelor's programs in Economics, Management and Portuguese & Business, in partnership with NOVA Human and Social Sciences School. We also offer Master's programs in Economics, Management, Finance, Business Analytics (since September 2020), and from September 2021, also in International Development & Public Policy and Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
Bachelor's Programs
Applications for Nova SBE Bachelor's Programs follow different procedures for students from the European Union (Portuguese included) and those from outside the EU, called International Students:
Students placed at NOVA SBE through the National Call for Access to Higher Education for 2021/2022, complete their respective application/registration online, within the deadline to be fixed by the Directorate-General for Higher Education.
For more information, contact: Directorate-General for Higher Education.
Students who apply through Special Contests (Over 23 years old and Holders of medium and higher education degrees) and through the Institution/Course Transfer or Re-Entry must perform their application/registration online, after the respective decisions for each application process.
For more information on how to apply to a Bachelor«s program at Nova SBE, please contact:
Student Recruitment and Admissions Office by email: or by phone at 213 802 773.
Non-European Student means candidates who, cumulatively:
· Do not have the nationality of a member state of the European Union;
· Who have not resided in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly;
· Candidates are also required to have a qualification that gives them access to higher education OR a high school diploma (or legally equivalent qualification).
These candidates should apply through the NOVA’s Pre-University Semester.
For more information on NOVA’s Pre-University Semester please contact: NOVA’s International Development Office:

Master's Programs
Master's programs in Economics, Finance, Management, Business Analysis, International Development & Public Policy, and Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation have online applications from January 6 till May 31 (to start September 2021).
Master’s in Management will also have online applications from October till November (to start January 2022).
Application Process
The application process begins after submitting the application online, along with the relevant documents. For more information, visit:

PhD's Programs

The PhD in Economics | Finance and the PhD in Management programs welcome applications between 7 December 2020 and 31 January 2021.

Application Procedure

The application procedure starts after submitting the application and supporting documents online.

For more information, visit:

Practical information


Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library is committed to providing effective access to information resources and services specially designed to meet the curriculum, research and teaching needs of the scholarly environment.

The Library offers two reading spaces, 8 group study rooms and an informal reading area in a total of 450 seats.

The school has access to:

•    More than 30.000 books;

•    More than 14.000 eBooks;

•    Hundreds of scientific journals in print and more than 20.000 online;

•    More than 40 subscription databases which include full-text journals, data, working papers, and reports.

The Library allows remote access to the majority of the electronic resources (Nova SBE students, staff, and faculty)

Our services include:

•    Book loans;

•    Inter-library loans;

•    Specialized training sessions on our resources, search and information retrieval;

•    Reference service;

•    Support for academic staff, including; compiling bibliographies, identifying and locating resources and putting recommended readings on reserve;

•    Support regarding publication strategies and open access-related issues.

The Library cooperates with other higher education institutions, national and international and participates in national projects and other consortia.

Other equipments

Interchange programs

Exchange programs

Students at NOVA School of Business and Economics have the opportunity to study during one semester, in a foreign University, often under the ERASMUS protocol. Nova SBE usually sends around 350 students to study abroad to more than 160 Universities, in 50 different countries, with which our school has bilateral agreements and receives cc 550 students every year. Students can apply to the exchange program twice a year, since there are two calls - in September (Master's) and November (Bachelor's) and February (both levels), through which they are ranked and selected to the respective universities of their choice. This experience gives the students the opportunity to study in some of the best schools in the world, gain more knowledge and enrich their curricular and personal background.



The Career Services goal is to promote Nova SBE students happiness by supporting their self-awareness and market knowledge and providing guidance and resources to enable them to making successful career choices. Thus, the Career Development Program, designed for both Bachelor and Masters students, comprises several relevant activities within four main blocks Self-awareness, Market Knowledge, Career Planning and Recruitment Processes in order to promote students successful placement during and after the completion of their academic program.

An experienced and knowledgeable Career Services team empowers Nova SBE students to achieve a meaningful career, by supporting and inspiring them through Career Modules, Counseling Sessions, Corporate Events, Online Resources and Mentoring Programs. The Career Services provides students with the necessary tools and advice throughout their academic programs, but ultimately they need to be proactive and responsible to find their placement in the job market.

The Career Management Office (CMO) is responsible for providing support to students on all matters related to their transition to the labor market. With this objective, the Career Development Program was created comprising various activities that will help students set personal and professional goals, acquire the skills to meet these and benefit from the contacts and brand recognition in the market of New SBE network. Students must make the best use of the CMO services and tools available to increase your chances of finding the job you want. The CMO exists to give support and advice, but students are responsible for being proactive and find their own placement.

More information on the Carrer Management office



Undergraduate programs

Awards for the Undergratuate programs:

    i) Amélia de Melo Foundation Award - awarded to the best student in the Management Degree

    ii) UNL Democracy and Development Award -
    awarded to the best student of the Degree in Economics by Professor Doutor Aníbal Cavaco Silva

    iii) Banco de Portugal Prize -
    awarded by Banco de Portugal to the best student, among several universities, who obtains the highest average grade in the Economics Degree course.

    Merit grants

    The Ministry of Education could give, a Merit Grant to the best student of the undergraduate degree in Economics and to the best student of the undergraduate degree in Management of that year. (Note: students are eligible for this grant starting from the second year of their undergraduate studies).

    Need based scholarships:

    • i) The New University of Lisbon, through its Social Services, gives need based scholarships so that no student is excluded from taking undergraduate studies due to financial restrictions.

      For more information:

    • ii) beNova Scholarship: Bachelors students at Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) with financial restrictions may apply to win a beNova scholarship. This scholarship program was launched in 2012 by alumni students to ensure that talented students are able to pursue their studies at Nova SBE, independently of their financial means.

      For more information:

      FCT PhD Research
      Scholarships The Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. (FCT) opens a Call for granting PhD studentships (BD). The Call for PhD Studentships aims to support researchers, in all areas of knowledge, who wish to develop research activities leading to a PhD degree.
      Link: LA CAIXA
      DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS The doctoral fellowship programme INPhINIT "la Caixa" is devoted to attracting talented Early-Stage Researchers—of any nationality—who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Spanish or Portuguese territory. Sponsored by "la Caixa" Foundation, it is aimed at supporting the best scientific talent and fostering innovative and high-quality research in Spain and Portugal by recruiting outstanding international students and offering them an attractive and competitive environment for conducting research of excellence.
      Link: AMÉLIA
      DE MELLO AWARD Nova SBE has a partnership with the Fundação Amélia de Mello to award the best PhD Students. This partnership aims at acknowledging students and their work with a broad dissemination of their merit within the institutional partners and their companies.

      MOBILITY STUDENTS New SBE students who study abroad in countries belonging to the Erasmus Network are automatically eligible for an Erasmus + scholarship (funds are limited and not all students get one). At the same time, some countries/schools may be eligible for other scholarships, eg ICM (International Credit Mobility) or Erasmus Mundus, when available.
      Santander Bank offers 2 scholarships per year for students who go abroad to specific Spanish speaking countries. Students will be selected following the previously defined ranking to apply for the exchange program.
      Students who do their internships in countries belonging to the Erasmus Network are also eligible for a scholarship to cover some expenses related to their internship (funds are limited and not all students get one).

    Language courses

    Language Courses

    Masters students at Nova SBE have an option to take Spanish, Portuguese and French classes on-campus, as part of their Masters Program. Limited vacancies available. International mobility students can attend a Portuguese Course with our partner school Faculdade de Ciencias Socias e Humanas, part of UNL. Additionally, Nova SBE partners with ILNOVA for other language courses.

    For more information visit: and

    Food services

    Cafeteria Padaria do Bairro, is the campus cafe and is in floor 1 of the Hovione Atrium, Building A, behind the LED screen. Business hours: 08:00 am - 08:00 pm | Saturdays: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm

    Vicente na Linha By Carnalentejana is the campus hamburger restaurant and is on the campus food court, located on the Main Deck (floor 0).  Business hours: Working days: 12:00 pm – 04:00 pm

    The Cut restaurant is the campus pizzeria, and is on the campus food court, located on the Main Deck (floor 0).  Business hours: Working days: 11:00 am - 08:00 pm

    Restaurant ICA is the school canteen and is also found in the campus food court, located in the Main Deck (floor 0). Business hours: Working days hours: 08:00 am - 04:30 pm

    Pingo Doce & GO is a unique and innovative supermarket. It is only accessible with the mobile application '' Pingo Doce & GO NOVA '' using the code that the app gives you to enter and exit from the store. All purchases in the store are done through the app. It is also in the campus food court located on the Main Deck (floor 0).  Business hours: Working days and Saturdays: 07:30 am - 09:00 pm

    Restaurant Azure has a Mediterranean menu and a very pleasant atmosphere. Benefiting from a view of the sea and the fort is situated on floor 2 of Horizon Hall, Building G of the campus. Business hours: Working days, Saturdays, and Sundays: 11:30 am - 03:00 pm | 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    Rooftop Carcavelos is a space where you can enjoy a fantastic terrace facing the sea and the fort, with design cocktails and some snacks, watching the sunset and participating in various events. It is located on floor 3 of Horizon Hall, building G of the campus. Business hours: Monday to Wednesday: 04:00 pm - 00:00 am | Thursday to Saturday: 04:00 pm - 02:00 am | Sunday: 04:00 pm - 00:00 pm

    Special needs facilities

    Facilities and Special Needs:
    The Carcavelos Campus of the Nova School of Business and Economics has facilities that respond to special needs. There are parking spaces reserved for students and teachers with special needs, such as access ramps to buildings and elevators.

    Extracurricular activities

    The Student Development & Well-being team aims to promote a healthy and engaging student experience where students can thrive. Together with students, faculty and staff, this team’s mission is to co-create a positive, supportive, and healthy environment, where cooperation and inclusion are nurtured, and social and academic integration are facilitated, leading to a culture of mental health and well-being.
    To achieve this vision and mission, various activities and programs are offered.
    The Peer Mentoring Program promotes a supportive relationship between senior and new Bachelor’s students. It facilitates the newcomers’ integration and enables senior students to develop a varied number of skills while creating a collaborative and friendly school environment. The mission is to help students who moved to Lisbon/Cascais to attend Nova SBE adapt to university life by creating a welcoming environment and fostering social and academic integration.
    The Peer Tutoring program is a collaborative activity in which more experienced students provide complementary academic support to other fellow students who are struggling with a specific subject. The program’s primary goal is to foster academic success while helping students develop effective studying techniques and interpersonal and teaching skills, while making tutors accountable for an Active Citizenship Certificate.
    The counselling and coaching support is carried out by clinical psychologists and coaching psychologists, and is offered in individual and group formats. Typically, students seek support for problems related to stress, anxiety, integration difficulties, among others related to school or personal life. The aim is to help students develop skills and competences that will allow them to overcome difficulties and ensure a smoother student journey. This service is open to everyone and is confidential, complying with the guidelines of the Portuguese Psychological Association. In addition to this service, students can also reach out to the Nova SBE CUF Clinic to consult the available mental health care professionals, or contact directly the Social Welfare Services of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (SASNOVA), where they can find affordable psychotherapy.
    Throughout the year we develop many events and activities with the objective of promoting and supporting mental health, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, such as the presentations of the Student Development & Well-being team and activities in the students’ welcoming events, the Well-being Week and Mental Health Talks, the Neuroscience & Mindfulness course, and personal development workshops. We also have available a wellbeing website – Thrive - where students can find various tools for a healthy lifestyle and important mental health resources.

    Student association

    Student Association

    As the main representative body of New SBE students, AE's primary goal is to increase the mutual support and closeness among students. The AE is made up of a group of more than 30 students distributed according to different competences, according to their area of intervention. His presence in the life of the Faculty is constant. The activities of the AE extend throughout the school year and reach several target audiences.

    More information at:

    Other information


    CEMS Club Lisbon – CEMS Club Lisbon (CCL) is part of a global alliance: there are 30 worldwide CEMS Clubs. Their purpose is to build a cohesive CEMS community in Lisbon, to make the CEMS semester as epic and unforgettable as possible. CCL tries its best to be involved in the CEMSies daily lives by providing a more complete experience in their home or exchange school. Members are not only determined to make things happen but also to share what the great city of Lisbon and Nova SBE have to offer. CCL offers all kinds of events in three broad categories: Social Events, Sustainability and Corporate Relations. A major milestone for the CEMS Club Lisbon would definitely be the full congregation between the academic and corporate department with the students, in a closer and more productive alliance, not only to organize events but to make the program run smoothly.

    NOMA Marketing Consulting Student Club – How can a company communicate a new brand to customers? How can a beauty salon reach a specific customer segment? And what exactly does one have to consider in a Facebook campaign? Put your knowledge into practice and learn through real life projects what Marketing really means! The Nova Marketing Club was founded in 2015. What started as an internal club for students with a passion for Marketing, is today a professional consulting club focused on strategic marketing for companies in Portugal. From national companies like Wheel – Frozen Yogurt to multinationals like Vodafone, Uber, and Google, the Nova Marketing Club has a lot of amazing projects going on. However, that is by far not everything that the Marketing club has to offer. Workshops about current Marketing topics and breakfasts with interesting companies make this club an amazing opportunity for all students who seek a professional career in this area.

    Nova Case Team – Nova Case Team (NCT) was founded in the second semester of the school year of 2017/18. It has three departments: Operations, Marketing and CR&Events. The club focuses on case studies and business games and is aimed at both Bachelor's and Master's students. Besides that, they also partner with consulting companies to offer business workshops based on problem solving and on information synthesis. Nova Case Team seeks to develop soft skills and hard skills through the case studies it solves.

    Nova Creative Hub – In a school that is central to diversity and personal development, six Master’s students felt that one thing was missing: creative development. Creativity is the skill that fosters resilience and innovative problem solving: the foundation that keeps today’s world moving forward. Hence, creativity has become part of the essential skill set for future business leaders. However, its power is not always understood – “I’m not a creative person” is not an uncommon sentence to be heard. That mindset had to change, and after hours of brainstorming, Nova Creative Hub was born. With the motto: “Everyone has the potential to be creative”, Nova Creative Hub pushes students out of their comfort zone to get new perspectives and broaden their horizon. Their first event, in which students translated their stories onto Nova SBE’s lunch tables in a graffiti workshop, was a huge success and it showed how much potential this idea had.

    Nova Debate Club – The Nova Debate Club promotes weekly debates where students compete with each other or debate freely, sharing points of views with interesting and challenging speakers. The Nova Debate Club aims to promote debate and argumentation among Nova SBE students. The club wants participants to challenge the status quo and to develop an informed and curious view of the world around them. Founded in 2011 by Bachelor's students who wanted to bring a culture of discussion and challenge to Nova SBE, the club's board members organize weekly debates where everybody is welcomed – from those who really want to debate and participate proactively to those who are just interested in a certain topic and want to watch and learn. The events and debates of the club make it possible for students to develop themselves and complete their school journey by improving their argumentation, rhetoric, and public speaking skills as well as open their minds to new and creative ways of thinking.

    Nova Economics Club – The Nova Economics Club (NEC) was founded in 2012 by a group of students from the Master's in Economics who assessed the reforms implemented one year after the Memorandum of Understanding had been signed between the Portuguese Government and Troika. NEC has produced studies evaluating KPI's in several markets, such as Housing and Labour, and in systems, such as Health and Justice. It elaborated reports under the Country Specific Recommendations (CSR) for the European Commission in Portugal, paper replications for the GEE (Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos) Ministry of Economy and several others, with the support from our experienced faculty at Nova SBE. Today, several research groups are providing Evaluations of Structural Reforms in partnership with the GPEARI - Ministry of Finance and GEE – Ministry of Economy. Besides economic research, NEC members also write articles for the national newspaper Público and in their own magazine. In addition, NEC organizes one of the biggest events at Nova SBE: Economia Viva, alongside the Nova SBE Students’ Union, where the aim is to keep the economic discussion alive, reflecting on some of the most important subjects of nowadays.

    ForTuna – Tuna ForTuna was created on February 15th of 1993 by a group of Nova SBE friends that wanted to be connected with music while studying. They can be found at their weekly rehearsals and at their festival, which usually takes place at the beginning of the second semester. They can also be seen in other events: ForTuna has been invited to several festivals all throughout the country, from Braga to Faro, and not forgetting the beautiful islands of the Azores, and some of them even abroad. At ForTuna, a wide scope of instruments is played and can be learned, including traditional Portuguese ones, such as mandolin and cavaquinho.

    Nova Investment Club – The Nova Investment Club was created in 2010 by a group of students from Nova SBE's Master's in Finance, with the intent of joining the students' enthusiasm for topics outside of the world of Finance with the students' curiosity about recent developments in financial markets. Moreover, the conception of NIC started to allow students to engage in on and off-campus activities, with the aim of connecting academics to the professional environment. Taking into account each one's preferences, the club allocates its members across two core divisions: Financial Markets and Investment Banking. Both groups interact in regular meetings to enable broader and comprehensive analyses, development of critical thinking, and debates of on-going macroeconomic events. Above all, promoting the students' financial knowledge through various events is one of the key drivers that keep NIC members passionate. NIC's members are the club's greatest asset, meaning that they are the ones who turn the club into something unique, being well-known for helping each other in any situation, even when all are competing for the same professional positions. By fostering a relationship with the extensive Nova SBE Alumni network and corporate partners, all members aspire to enhance Nova SBE's overall impact during the recruitment processes.

    Nova Investment Club (Undergraduate Division) – The Undergraduate Division of the Nova Investment Club (NICUD) was founded in 2013. One of its main purposes is to help their members learn more about the fields of corporate finance, investing and capital markets, particularly by acting as a connection to company representatives and job opportunities in these areas. With this purpose in mind, they frequently hold networking events and exchange sessions with NIC Alumni. They also directly support their members and the student community at large on applications to graduate programs. The majority of the club's events are exclusive to Alumni and member communities. However, NIC-UD holds occasional activities open to the public, aimed at sparking interest in finance and providing guidance on career development. The "Review Hours" initiative is an example, through which students can contact the club and schedule one-on-one sessions for career advice - including CV/cover letter reviews, and mock interviews for investment banking/consulting roles.

    Nova Junior Consulting – Meet Nova Junior Consulting (NJC), Nova SBE's junior enterprise consulting firm. One of the best junior consulting groups in Portugal, according to JADE Portugal. They pride themselves on being the only junior enterprise in Portugal that works in English and the only one with international members. The club provides strategic management consulting services through their many projects each semester. With their diverse teams from Bachelor's to Master's and from Economics, Finance, to Management students, they are able to provide companies like L'Oréal and Millennial Bank with top-notch student services. In addition, they also work on at least one pro bono project each semester. In addition to providing services to clients, NJC also plans two signature events every year: Consulting Week and NJC Crack the Case, which aims to help students prepare for consulting interviews. Because of their partnerships with Deloitte and A.T. Kearney, they were able to create both of these events that tremendously help Nova SBE students. They also have the goal of helping their members grow as consultants and overall, professionally. In the end, the club's ultimate goal is to see their members make the most out of their experience at NJC and leave Nova SBE successfully into the consulting world.

    Nova Portfolio Management Club – The Portfolio Management Club is an initiative that seeks to promote financial literacy amongst all students. The club manages a real portfolio of assets and applies asset allocation strategies alongside equity valuations and macroeconomic analysis, providing an opportunity for students interested in financial markets to obtain a real hands-on experience.

    Nova Running Club – The Nova Running Club is an atypical club in the sense that they do the same event every week – training. They exist for a very simple reason: so, no one needs to run alone and can share this hobby with likeminded students. The club members run twice a week and everyone who wants to show up is welcomed – no applications, no interviews, just fun. Therefore, the club also doesn't have a fixed number of members. On average, there are about a dozen people that regularly participate in the training sessions. It all depends on how busy people get and, at Nova SBE, the workload can be fairly demanding. Joining the weekly running sessions is a really good solution to cope with the heavy workload and stress, since sports are essential for a healthy mind and body!

    Nova SBE Awareness Student Club – The Nova SBE Awareness Club is meant to empower students with great economic reasoning, giving them the chance to write on a digital newspaper, called Awareness. This newspaper will also has the participation of renowned economic thinkers, political figures, as well as some of the very best professors from Nova SBE. The Nova SBE Awareness Club also hosts events throughout the academic year, where some of its members, as well as renowned invitees, debate current economic challenges. Leadership, Communication, Marketing, and Management are also crucial skills that are developed in the club.

    Nova SBE Food Student Club – The Nova Food Club is a student initiative that aims to give Nova's community a sense of enjoyment and differentiation with a wide range of food-related experiences. The club is mainly event focused, with a strong emphasis on empowering students' abilities to organize events, provide creative insights, create corporate relationships, whilst also working towards a positive social impact.

    Nova SBE Hospitality Student Club – The Nova SBE Hospitality Student Club is Nova SBE's new addition to our community. It was founded in 2020 by students from the Master's in Management who have different backgrounds and common interests. It aims to promote the industry's sustainable growth by placing Hospitality as a key strategic tool for any business plan. The club also promotes its members' development of individual skills so that they can be prepared to add value to any organization in service-oriented industries while bridging the gap between Nova SBE's academic community and the industry players.

    Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Student Club – The Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Student Club was born out of the will to create opportunities for sustainable impact through leadership while always promoting cooperation among members of the Nova SBE community, such as students, NGOs, enterprises, and more. The Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Student Club is essentially a group of multidisciplinary students focused on impacting the civil society sector with the knowledge and skills developed at Nova SBE. While working in close partnership with the Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, the club’s focus is to promote the sustainable development of knowledge and reduce social inequity by stimulating initiatives that inspire the creation of more articulated and efficient responses to societal issues. The different backgrounds and preferences of its members allow them to accept and develop projects in different areas of expertise from Finance to Marketing and even Data Analytics. They believe that this allows their members to develop additional skills and grow professionally during their time at The Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Student Club.

    Nova SBE LGBTQI+ Student Club – As studies show, LGBTQI+ inclusion/diversity remains a controversial topic in education, the workplace, or everyday life. The Nova SBE LGBTQI+ Student Club want to end stigma and tabus and educate the community on the importance of being aware of such. Their purpose is to raise awareness of LGBTQI+ subjects in higher education, career development, opportunities, and beyond. It is important to emphasize that everyone is welcome to join the club, regardless of gender and/or sexual identity/orientation.

    Nova SBE Mindspace Student Club for Health and Well-being – The club offers an inclusive, open-minded space, connecting mindfulness and sustainability. Their vision is to connect diverse human beings, share experiences & ideas and grow into a learning community to improve health and wellbeing. As a student club, they want to enable members to try out new experiences and expand their knowledge on topics that are too often forgotten in day-to-day life, such as balance and purpose. Members engage in online meditation and yoga sessions and join weekly challenges and community events.        

    Nova SBE Nudge Unit Student Club – At Nova Nudge we mainly offer pro-bono behavioural consultancy for smaller organisations that do not have a direct access to consulting based on behavioural science insights. Our mission is to democratise behavioural science: to reach this goal, our teams find initiatives that can help us reach the goal through Marketing, PR, Research. If you share our same purpose, we offer a dynamic environment where you can learn fast and get a taste of different dimensions on a day-to-day basis.

    Nova SBE Rowing Student Club – The Nova SBE Rowing Club (NRC) is a sports club at Nova SBE that, as you can tell from its name, is dedicated to rowing. The NRC focuses on coastal rowing, a new type of rowing appropriate for sea waters like those close to campus. The Nova SBE Rowing Club partners with the Portuguese Rowing Federation, which makes a few boats available, and the Oeiras Marina, from where its club members are going out to sea (500m from campus).

    Nova SBE Venture Capital and Private Equity Student Club - The Nova SBE Venture Capital and Private Equity Club is a new students’ initiative for networking and education. The club combines different types of events: social, corporate, and training. Planned activities include panel discussions guest speakers and lecturers. Additionally, the club organizes workshops on fundamental skills needed for landing the dream internship or full-time position in the Ventura Capital and Private Equity world!

    Nova Skills Association – The Nova Skills Association (NSA) is one of the first Nova SBE clubs, founded on the belief that soft skills are the most powerful catalysers of talent and drivers of success. NSA is committed to offering students an annual Soft Skills Training Program, providing their members with a real management experience. Their training program has over 3000 people who attend several workshops that aim to develop the students’ soft skills. Some of the workshops include oral communication, interview preparation, personal branding, emotional intelligence, and creativity. NSA hosts the “Meet the Alumni” and “Creating Awareness” events. At the "Meet the Alumni" event, Nova SBE Alumni share their insights on the importance of soft skills in their own careers and lives. At "Creating Awareness", there is an individual speaker who discusses their career and how soft skills drove their success. Some of the speakers have been Dr. Horta Osório (CEO of Lloyds Bank), Alexandre Soares dos Santos (former CEO of Jerónimo Martins), and Dr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (current President of the Portuguese Republic). One important aspect of the NSA is that they help develop their own members‘ soft skills. As a small group of students, they are able to have personalized soft skills development for each of their members. The program has proven to be a success as the NSA network is growing all over Europe and in different industries – from finance, tech and consulting to international institutions.

    Nova Social Consulting Club – Meet the Nova Social Consulting Club (NSCC). Maybe not the first combination of words one comes up with. But this is exactly what the club is about. From helping them create a business plan to raising awareness through marketing campaigns or ensuring stable financials through fundraising, the scope of amazing and interesting projects is large. The pro bono approach and the focus on the social sector make the club truly unique. NSCC, which has 37 members today, was founded by Pedro Almeida in 2009 – so nearly a decade of success – and perfectly combines high-quality consulting, where members can develop consulting skills and knowledge, and social responsibility. Their corporate partner, Deloitte, supports the club with informative workshops and highly engaged mentorship along with networking events, volunteering, and other interesting workshops. And in the future? Well, it would not be a consulting club if they did not have ambitious goals. Professional and motivated as they are, they aim to become Lisbon's number one in the social consulting area and maybe even start operating beyond Portugal´s borders.

    Nova Startup Club – An entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for start-ups and creativity characterizes the people from the Nova SBE Startup Club! The club was founded in 2011 by two students who were enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and wanted to create awareness in a corporate-oriented school. Currently, four future entrepreneurs try to bring a new way of thinking to the school and support students in developing their own business ideas. Besides real-life problem-solving contests and workshops with EY, the club brings together proactive and creative students with start-up founders and start-ups from several industries to foster entrepreneurial thinking and challenge students to take a risk! The main goal of the club is to create a sustainable student-run organization and bring openness, out of the-box thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit to Nova SBE. And, who knows, maybe the next generation of founders will start their journey from here!

    Nova Surf Club – The Nova SBE Surf Club was created in 2013 with the aim of promoting surfing and other water sports among students. They have sponsors and partnerships with several surf schools, stores, and board suppliers, which gives them the ability to promote surfing with privileged conditions for students. They host the Nova Surf Contest, a day that takes place once a year, meant for all Nova SBE students to get together and celebrate surfing. They also have several Surf Trips in Alentejo and Peniche, host barbecues, and organize beach clean-ups, as well as other volunteering activities. For them, what makes the club special is definitely its people and the spirit it brings to the school, since university is as much about developing oneself professionally as it is about building experiences that will not only bring good memories but also good lessons.

    Nova Tech Club – The Nova Tech Club was founded in 2015 and has been growing ever since. With partners such as Google and Cisco, you can imagine how much potential it has. The club members put all their energy into organizing various events that highlight the relevance of tech knowledge. Not only do they organize workshops in software, such as Javascript and Python, but they also arrange company visits to partners such as Google and cool start-ups such as Uniplaces. The Nova Tech Club recognizes the importance of technology in the future especially for business students, given the importance of understanding how technology influences contemporary business models. Every semester the club recruits new members. The selection process is not hard if you are all about tech, but you certainly need to prove that. Think about writing an essay regarding the future of AI or how blockchain will influence the financial sector. Are you interested in joining in? Keep an eye out on their Facebook page!

    Nova Women in Business Club – Founded on Women's International Day (March 8, 2016), it is the first school club in Portugal that addresses the issue of gender equality. Nova Women in Business aims to empower the role of women in society and in the business world. The club brings positive changes to the school's community by offering external and internal events. Nova Women in Business believes in an equal academic and professional environment, and their mission is to create awareness to gender bias by cooperating with the Nova SBE community and other schools. Nova Women in Business organizes different activities, such as panels, field trips, workshops, and networking sessions. Deloitte, Novabase, Microsoft, and L'Oréal are some of the partners that the club had in previous events.

    NOVAFRICA Student Group – The NOVAFRICA Student Group (NSG) is the students' counterpart of the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center, and it was founded in 2011 by a group of Nova SBE students who were passionate about Development Economics. Their mission is to produce and promote research with an impact in less developed parts of the world, with an emphasis on Africa. The club is a tight knit group of members who are involved in research studies that the center produces.  Some of them are abroad pursuing projects implemented in countries such as Angola, Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, São Tome and Príncipe, and even Portugal. In addition to being part of research projects and supporting the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center at its conferences and events, the group also organizes activities to "put Economics at the service of people." These actions include the well-known biweekly "Pizza & Topic" debate sessions and the NOVAFRICA Student Group Mentorship Program that helps students understand which professional path they want to fulfil their career goals. The discussions include topics like Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Climate Change, Migrations, Conflict, among others, and are student-led and facilitated by faculty at Nova SBE. These discussions are held to take steps towards tackling the issues in developing countries. The high quality of research produced in the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center attracts international speakers visiting the center to participate in seminars and conferences. This allows for another of their activities – contributing to the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center Podcast and the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center Blog, which are the tools used to approach students and the general audience about critical topics in Development Economics.

    oikos Lisbon – oikos Lisbon is the social and environmental student club from Nova School of Business and Economics and the Portuguese chapter of oikos international, a student-led international organization that promotes sustainability in economics and management. With the mission to educate and promote behavioural change towards a greener future, oikos Lisbon aims to excel in making a difference in Nova SBE’s Community. We are a group of open-minded, non-conforming and visionary members highly engaged in fighting social and environmental issues. Working with the School’s Sustainability Office, with Portuguese education and social Institutions, as well as several independent organisations widens our impact in the community.

    Social Investment Fund - The club is a student-run investment fund, founded in 2017 by curious students who wanted to make people aware of the fact that there are various angles to approach finance. Currently, the club interacts with both students and companies through finance-related workshops, event like the "Stock-picking Competition", and partnerships with companies and financial agents. For all students who are passionate about finance, here are some figures: the club was able to develop a portfolio that has a 5 % return on average for the last six months. The investment fund has a uniquely practical approach that helps students to develop particular skills that are crucial to succeed in the financial industry. This group of young and ambitious students who seek to develop their club and create a professional investment fund, and therefore create true value, always keep their vision in mind: uniting finance with social impact. They truly live that vision, since all returns made from competitions and other events are given to social organizations.

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