Empirical Industrial Organization


This course examines how the core game theoretic models of industrial organization are currently used in research and practice. First, we will address the topic of demand estimation, since it constitutes a bedrock of the majority of the core models. Second, we will examine how the results from demand estimation can be applied to the following settings: identification of market power, antitrust policy, and pricing.

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Responsible teacher

Ricardo Ribeiro


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Teaching method

The course will be delivered through twelve lectures, following a theoretic‐practical approach. It is essential that students prepare for the lectures by preparing the recommended readings before each meeting.

Evaluation method

Final grade in the course will be based on both individual and group work. The evaluation is based on the following:
A. Final individual exam (30%)

The final exam is mandatory. When taking the individual exam, students must obtain a minimum grade of 9.5/20 to succeed. Students are not allowed to consult reading materials.

B. Individual assignment (50%)

This consists of two problem sets related to topics discussed during the lectures.

C. Group assignment (20%)

Students should form groups of 3‐4 people to prepare their group problem set, which is related to topics discussed during the lecturers.

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