Global Human Resources Management


This course is an elective that follows the HRM course. But it will be quite different from 2336 HRM class in terms of deliverables and format. Please do not expect it to be similar!
The purpose of this course is to identify and develop awareness to the specific challenges of
managing people in Multinational Corporations (MNCs), such as the impact of national cultures, challenges with cross-cultural alliances and M&As, the impact of MNCs’ international strategies, how international strategies determine the type of HRM practices and the degree of globalization vs. local adjustment, how to develop a global corporate culture and global leadership competencies, managing international assignments and knowledge.
In a very interactive and participative format, the course will have discussions, readings, essays and, hopefully, experiential learning in an internationally diverse environment.

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Dowling, P., Festing, M., & Engle, A. D. (2013). International Human Resource Management, 6th Edition, Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1-4080-3209-1

Lecture slides, some articles and some case studies will be provided.
You are also strongly encouraged to search for academic articles that are relevant to your assignments using
o or EBSCOhost
- or use the chrome plugin “unpaywall”
Searching for these articles are skills that will pay off for your work projects.

Teaching method

A variety of teaching and learning methods will be used in this course: lectures and case studies, as well as presentations on group work.

Additionally, there will be role plays, educational videos and written assignments.

Evaluation method

  • Assessment Component- Contribution to Final Grade
    Group Presentation- 20%
    Group Written Report- 30%
    Individual Report- 20%
    Final Exam- 30%
    Bonus: Research Participation- Max. +0.2 to the final grade over 20
    Grading scale in this course is 0-20.

Subject matter

  • Introduction to GHRM;
    What is Culture;
    Course Syllabus and Expectations;

  • Organizational Context;
    Cross-border M&As,
    International Alliances and SMEs;

  • Sourcing HR for Global Markets;

  • International Performance Management;
    International Training, Development and Careers;

  • Compensation;

  • Discuss Written Report;
    Course Wrap-up;
    Exam walkthrough.


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