Human Resources Management


People are often considered organization s most valuable resources. The perspective taken is that of a manager concerned with the design, implementation and maintenance of HRM strategies to obtain a more motivated and effective workforce.

The HRM course focuses on the strategic dimension of people within organizations; how managers can attract and retain the best suited people; how to develop, evaluate and reward them so that the objectives of the firm are attained. We will deal with these topics from the individual managers perspective and the HR functional perspective. The HRM course is aimed at management students and their future role as managers of people, irrespective of their position within the firm.

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Responsible teacher



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Teaching language





• Slides
• Any additional readings TBA

Lecture slides, recommended readings and case studies will be provided.

Teaching method

A variety of teaching and learning methods will be used in this course: class slides, activities (e.g. role play, discussions, etc), educational videos, cases and assignments.

Evaluation method

Assessment Component- Contribution to Final Grade
Group Project- 40%
Final Exam- 40%
Pop quizzes- 20%
Bonus: Research Participation- Max. +0.2 to the final grade over 20.

Subject matter

  • Class/ Date*- Content

    1- Introduction to HRM + Syllabus and Course expectations + Job Design and Job Analysis
    2- What HR managers and managers get wrong Part 1 - Selection
    3- What HR managers and managers get wrong Part 2 - Performance management
    4- What HR managers and managers get wrong Part 3 - Compensation management
    5- What HR managers get right - Training
    6- Wrap up – Some micro and macro perspectives of HRM


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