Cross-Cultural Issues for Marketing


This is an introductory course to global marketing that examines the role of the culture when managers decide to market beyond the domestic market. the course adds the cultural variable to consumer behaviour, market research, strategy, and matketing communications.

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Responsible teacher

Carmen Lages


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Core book: Global Marketing (2013), by Keegan and Green, Pearson Education.

Videos from case studies. Interpersonal culture game.

Teaching method

The course involves a combination of formal lectures and workshop sessions that include a short case study and/or exercise. These will usually be distributed in advance and students will be expected to be prepared to discuss them in class.

The learning methods most suitable for this course are:
• the method learning-by-examples (demonstration)
• learning-by-doing (practice by doing)
• learning-by-teaching [teach other(s)]
• learning-by-debating (after video visualization or text reading)
• learning by playing (game and role playing)

Evaluation method

Student evaluation will be based on class participation and final exam:

Class Exercises and Participation –50%

Group Work (case resolution and debate in class) – 30%
Individual Flash Essay - 10%
Individual Participation- 10%

Final exam - 50% (Case study resolution and question about course content)

  • Subject matter

  • The cultural variable in global marketing

  • Approaching international markets

  • Developing global products

  • Developing global communication
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