Product Design and Development


The aim of this course is to guide the students through the steps of new product development, help to familiarize with several concepts and methods for ideation, creation, testing and prototyping. Students will work in groups and lead a design process the front- end steps, from market discovery to prototyping and presentation.

At the end of the course students should be able to understand the different steps, what they contribute and how the design process creates a product or service that can be launched in the market.

The design challenge for the first edition of the course will focus on the new NovaSBE campus in Carcavelos and student groups will be tasked to create a new product or service for the new campus population (students, staff or faculty).

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Castro


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Recommended books:

'Product Design and Development' - 6th Edition, by Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger.

'Product Design Process - The manual for digital product design and project management' by Tiago Franco and Beatriz Costa.

Teaching method

The material of this course will be delivered in class through topical presentations which will introduce the different concepts and methods for each stage of a design process. Most material will be tested and applied after class by student teams going through the class challenge. Some time in class will be reserved for discussion of findings and shared experiences.

At the end of the course student teams will present their product concept to a jury for evaluation and critique.

Evaluation method

Individual elements:
Class participation (10%)
Essay (40% - submit by end of exam period)

Team elements:
Week 3 workbook: observations and idea generation (10%) – submit by the end of class 5 Week 4 workbook: selected idea and business case (10%) – submit by the end of class 6 Final Presentation to jury (30% - done in class 6)

Subject matter

  • Week 1 – Introduction to new product development process.

    The role of PD in organizations and case studies;

    Review of the objectives of the course;

    The design brief: the course challenge;

    Project management;

  • Week 2 – Guided visit to the new Carcavelos Campus.

  • Week 3 – Understanding customer requirements.

    Concept generation methods;

  • Week 4 - The business case, Prototyping.

  • Week 5 – Design considerations.

  • Week 6 – Storytelling and pitching.

    Intellectual Property Rights.