Mastering Your Own Career


Mastering Your Career is Nova SBE career development program designed to support Masters Students in setting professional goals and acquire the skills to attain them while benefiting from the network and brand recognition of Nova SBE in the marketplace. Comprising several activities and held by our expert Career Services Counselors and Invited Speakers, Mastering Your Career will help Masters Students consolidate relevant information and tools to manage the start of their career.

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Responsible teacher

Careers & Corporate Placement Counselors + Invited Speakers/Companies/ Alumni


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Delivered in class and uploaded onto Moodle when relevant.

Teaching method

Short theoretical debrief followed by practical exercises on different subjects related to personal and professional development. When relevant, case studies will be presented.

Evaluation method

Mastering Your Career is a mandatory component of all Masters Programs worth 2 ECTS.

As explained above the requirements for the program are as follows:
- Industry Report & Informational Interview.
- Career Questionnaire.
- CV Checkpoint (mandatory to upload their CV on VMOCK within the deadline and reach a minimum score of 60 points).
- Career Sessions (mandatory attendance in 1 Career Session enrolled in Bidding).
- Career Events (mandatory attendance in at least 2 Career Events).
- Career Fair (mandatory attendance in at least 2 activities).
- Complete your CV and upload it onto Nova SBE Career Center by Job Teaser profile. If you prefer, you can send it to the Career Services e-mail.

Failing the above requirements implies failing the Course.
All sections must be completed during the Spring Semester 2019/2020, by May 30th.
We will not accept permutes between sessions and we will only accept justified absences (each case will be individually evaluated). If a student does not attend they will fail and will have to complete the Career Session at the following semestres.

Subject matter

In order to pass Mastering Your Career you need to complete seven mandatory sections: Discovery Week, Questionnaire, CV Checkpoint, Career Sessions, Career Events, Career Fair and Curriculum Vitae. You will need to fulfill the requirements within each section in order to pass the course and receive the 2 ECTS. None of these sections is worth any ECTS on its own.

Aside from this mandatory component, the Career Services team has also outlined some activities and resources that we strongly recommend you to take the most of: you can book a counseling session with one of the Career Counselors available, join Business Challenges, register for Mentoring Program and participate at the Spring Career Fair.

Finally, we strongly suggest you to sign up on the five extremely useful Online Tools that will help you throughout your career management process:
•    Nova SBE Career Center by Job Teaser
•    VMock
•    GoingGlobal
•    VAULT

• Big Interview
• Graduates First
• PrepLounge