Not for Profit and Social Marketing


This course considers the planning and implementation of programs designed to bring about social/ behavioral change using concepts and practices from commercial marketing as well as the best practice strategies to meet the unique marketing requirements of nonprofit organizations.

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Responsible teacher

Carmen Lages


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Andreasen, A. R. (Ed.). (2006). Social marketing in the 21st century. Sage.
Andreasen, A. and Kotler, P. (2008). Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations. Upper Saddle River, NJ. 7th Edition. Prentice Hall, Inc.

Teaching method

Lectures will include demonstrations through case studies and guest speakers, in-class exercises,
in-class discussions, in-class presentations and case study resolution & discussion.

Evaluation method

Student evaluation will be based on class participation and final exam: Class Exercises and Participation –50%
Group Work (case resolution and debate in class) – 30% Individual Flash Essay - 20%

Final exam - 50% (Case study resolution and question about course content)

Subject matter

This course emphasizes the high potential societal role of marketing. It introduces social  marketing as the application of marketing concepts and other social change techniques to achieve both individual behavior changes and societal structural changes. Similarly, the course addresses the unique challenges of using marketing concepts and practices as applied to nonprofit organizations. Private and  public sector firms increasingly use marketing strategies to engage  their customers and stakeholders around social impact. To do so, managers need to understand  how best to engage and influence customers and key stakeholders to behave in ways that promote positive social effects.
Topics include individual and collective behavioral change for accepting a new behavior, rejecting a potentially undesired behavior, modifying a current behavior and abandoning an old undesired behavior. Nonprofit marketing planning and market research and branding of nonprofits.


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