Hot Topics in Exemplary Research


Conducting research is a fascinating but challenging activity. One of the challenges that a researcher faces is to choose novel research questions that advance the field in new directions. Which areas of research offer opportunities? What makes a research question important from a theoretical and managerial point of view? How to advance your field of research? In this course, students will learn how to look for research opportunities that are theoretically sound and novel, as well as managerially relevant.
Because each field presents its own priorities and challenges, students will tackle topics in different disciplines. Students will critically analyze these research topics by looking at their development and current state, and will learn how to evaluate a research project in terms of its contribution and managerial relevance. To put learning into practice, students will be challenged to present their own novel research ideas. By the end of the course, students will assimilate the importance of groundbreaking research and acquire key critical reasoning and analytical skills that will increase the quality and impact of their own future work.

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Responsible teacher

Irene Consiglio


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Teaching method

This course consists in one 3h class per week (for six weeks). Teaching methods may include a mix of:
•    Individual preparation and class discussion focused on the analysis of selected literature (which may include one of the guest speaker’s papers).
•    Class discussion about pitfalls in designing, analyzing, and reporting studies.
•    Class discussion of examples of reviewer’s comments and revision notes.
•    Reviewing papers (identifying strengths and weaknesses of a paper).

Evaluation method

Students pass this course if they get a pass grade for participation AND final assignment. Details below.

Participation (pass or fail)
Students are expected to attend each session, prepare the readings for each session in advance and be prepared to discuss these readings in class. Each instructor will provide a pass or fail grade for participation in their class. Students need get a pass grade for ALL sessions.
Readings will be available at least 2-3 weeks before each class.

Final evaluation (pass or fail)
Students’ final evaluation will be based on a research proposal. Students must submit (via Moodle) a short research proposal that, if developed, could be published in an international leading journal.
Please follow these compulsory guidelines:
Deadline: TBA

Subject matter

Contents include:
A.    Learn how to publish hot topics in management.
B.    Avoidable pitfalls in designing, analyzing, and reporting studies.
C.    Successful vs. unsuccessful strategies in setting up a research agenda.


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