MIT Immersion 1 (S)


The Lisbon MBA Executive students experience an International Immersion for 1 week that takes them to a global business
hub in one of the most prestigious business schools in the world: The MIT Sloan School of Management.
The MIT Immersion offers students a week-long educational experience built on the MIT motto of mens et manus, mind and
hand, combining classes developed from cutting-edge research with company visits and hands-on application. It is an
opportunity for innovation and leadership, where students develop an edge in their management capabilities by building
their understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Our goal is to help you move ideas from the
earliest stages of basic research to effective products and services that improve the world and drive economic and social
impact at the local, regional, and global level.

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Responsible teacher

Céline Dora Judith Abecassis-Moedas


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Readings include a combination of company case studies, analytic articles, and presentation materials by the faculty, drawn
from a range of studies in product development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Teaching method


Evaluation method

The students are required to do a reflection, develop a document and do a presentation to a jury panel to answer the
following question “Considering what you know about the company and about the socio-economic context of the country it
is settled in, how do you see its evolution?”. Each group of students will do the work based on a different company.
The session will have the following guidelines:
• Students will do a brief presentation of the company they are working on taking into consideration the question mentioned
above (for instance after the visit to the company and according to what they have learned during the trip, they may share
their experience and knowledge);
• Presentations will take around 20 minutes per group: 10 minutes to present + 10 minutes for Q&A;
• Presentations will be appraised by a judging panel.

Subject matter

- Understand critical phases and areas innovation, with particular emphasis on technology innovation and innovation
- Recognize the importance of strategies, processes, and organizational management in promoting or undermining
innovation, both in large firms and entrepreneurial start-ups.
- Obtain and analyze market and user data in order to develop innovative products and services.
- Develop and defend strategic recommendations, particulary in teams.
- Use the "elevator pitches" to sell and innovative and entrepreneurial idea; to start a new firm; to launch a corporate
venture, or to push an initiative past organizational resistance.


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