Global Public Health

Education objectives

An international doctoral programme based on the teaching and research experience of four Portuguese Schools. It is designed to meet the needs of students that are aiming to enhance their research skills in public health, develop their understanding of policy and practice and wish make an original contribution to knowledge development.
The Doctoral programme aims to provide students with competences that enable them to become qualified researchers in public health, able to conduct independent research, and work as science driven field professionals.
Students that undertake the programme will be able to link their research with the practice of public health. The programme will provide opportunities for students to develop their PhD research in close collaboration with organizations and networks with links to public health practice, at the regional, national and international levels.
The PhD in Global Public Health aims to provide each student with a broad knowledge in the field of public health by promoting close interaction with specialists at the four schools as well as other national and international experts. It also aims to promote in-depth expertise in each student’s research area and the provision of unique opportunities for personal development and intellectual growth, in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

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PhD (3rd Cycle)



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Degree pre-requisites

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Evaluation rules

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1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
9450 Epidemiology 3.0
9457 Health promotion, health education and health protection and disease prevention 4.0
9452 Meta-analysis and systematic reviews 3.0
9468 Advanced epidemiologic methods 4.0
9476 Advanced methods of geographical information systems 3.0
9618 Auditoria em Saúde 4.0
9334 Bioethics and Health Management 3.0
9467 Clinical Epidemiology 4.0
9568 Health Communication 3.0
9657 Cuidados Continuados e Paliativos 4.0
9474 Diabetes and public health 3.0
9359 Economics and Health Policy 4.0
9480 Financing and Health Contracting 4.0
9473 Genetics and public health 3.0
9419 Information and Knowledge Management in Health I 4.0
9344 Integrated Disease Managment 4.0
9469 Nutrition and health 3.0
9475 Perinatal epidemiology 3.0
9577 Global Health 4.0
9495 Saúde Ocupacional 3.0
9551 Occupational Health 4.0
9478 Thesis project 6.0
2.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
9456 Environmental and occupational health and physical determinants 4.0
9454 Global Health, population health and social determinants 4.0
9455 Health policy, economics, organizational theory and management 6.0
9453 Qualitative Methodology 3.0
9458 Research Ethics in Public Health 3.0
9451 Statistics 3.0
9513 Pharmacy Utilization Analysis in Portugal 4.0
9580 Aquisição de Hábitos de Vida Saudáveis na Infância 4.0
9341 Economic Evaluation in Health 4.0
9459 Bioinformatic 5.0
9623 Comportamento Organizacional 4.0
9589 Cuidados de Saúde Primários 4.0
9624 Cuidados Paliativos 4.0
9462 Econometrics for public health 5.0
9362 Applied Health Economics 4.0
9477 Economic evaluation in health 4.0
9536 Active and Healthy Aging 4.0
9289 Statistic and Health Research 3.0
9266 Hospital financing and financial analysis 5.0
9607 Gestão Clínica 4.0
9447 Information and Knowledge Management in Health II 4.0
9361 Health Project Managment 4.0
9460 Health monitoring 5.0
9461 Human resources for health policies 5.0
9463 Local power and health promotion 6.0
9578 Local Power and Health Promotion - ensino tutorial 4.0
9588 Medicina Personalizada e Saúde Digital 4.0
9481 Medicina Personalizada e Saúde Pública 3.0
9471 Mental health of the populations 4.0
9470 Mental health policies 4.0
9472 Mental health services research 4.0
9465 Occupational health and safety in healthcare 4.0
9563 Environmental Health 4.0
9304 Occupational Health and Safety in Healthcare 4.0
9449 International Health 4.0
9415 Risk Management and Patient Safety 4.0
9420 Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação em Saúde 3.0
9466 Statistic methods in clinical epidemiology 3.0
9358 Tabagismo Prevenção e Cessação 4.0
9582 Tecnologias e Equipamentos Hospitalares 4.0
2.º Year
Code Name ECTS
9479 Thesis 180.0