Cuidados de Saúde Primários


Learning outcomes of the curricular unit

To identify the main historical, social, economic and political factors that have influenced the emergence of the primary health care strategy in the world and in Portugal (1977/78-2017)

To describe the main evolution phases of the Portuguese health care system, in special its National Health Service (NHS), since 1979 and its primary health care component (the national network of community health centers)

To identify the main steps of the changing process of PHC in Portugal in the period 1996-2016

To briefly describe the organizational architecture of PHC in Portugal, currently and until 2020 and its links and integration mechanisms with hospital care, long term care and the institutions of the communities.

To identify some trends in the evolution of health care systems around the world and in Portugal, and to discuss some implications for the evolution of PHC in the future

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Documentos disponíveis em: http\

RAMOS, V.; BARBOSA, P. Roteiro de Intervenção em Cuidados de Saúde Primários. Análise especializada para o Plano Nacional de Saúde 2012-2020. Lisboa:DGS/PNS, 2014.

Teaching method

Teaching methodologies (including evaluation)

Questioning method all along the learning activities + lectures, seminars, guided discussions, group work/exercises+ assessment questionnaire (50%) + written essay (group work – 50%).

Evaluation method

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Subject matter


Primary Health Care (PHC):an innovation in the 70’s of the XX century;

Political, social, economic and cultural factors related to the emergence of the concept and the PHC strategy and health care organization in the world and in Portugal;

Evolving aspects of PCH in Portugal and in other countries in the last 50 years;

Scientific evidence concerned to the advantages of organizing health care systems based on a strong PHC component wit close interaction and participation af persons, families and the community.

The organizational changing processes of PHC in Portugal in the period 1996-2017;

Trends related to the evolution of health care systems around the world and in Portugal, and predictable implications for the evolution of PHC in the future.