Human cytomegalovirus infections


- Understand the epidemiology, main clinical aspects, diagnosis and treatment of CMV infections;

- To know how to perform the main steps of the diagnosis of these infections;

- To know the main steps of genotypic detection of antiviral resistance.


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Responsible teacher

Prof. Doutor Paulo Jorge Pereira Cruz Paixão


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- Paulo Paixão, Sofia Almeida, Paula A. Videira, Dário Ligeiro, Teresa Marques. “Screening of congenital cytomegalovirus infection by a real time PCR in urine pools”. European Journal of Pediatrics, 2012; 171 (1): 125129.

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Teaching method

The lectures are taught by teachers of curricular unit, depending on the respective specializations. The form of lecture, in which they will address issues considered essential by providing data to guide students to individual study.

Laboratory practical classes will enable all students to practice the different methodologies used in the diagnosis.

Evaluation method

Student assessment – Written examination finally multiple choice test of 20 questions (duration 30 minutes) 50%.

Oral presentation and discussion of topics by groups of two students. Themes are distributed in 1st class and the presentation of each theme has a duration of 20 minutes 50%.

Subject matter

- Introduction to the diagnosis of CMV infections. Application of different techniques depending on the host and the clinical context (immunocompetent, immunocompromised, pregnant, newborn);

- Real-time PCR (general concepts and specific application for CMV);

- Discussion of clinical and laboratory cases;

- Culture: Observation of the characteristic cytopathogenic effects;

- PCR (techniquel "inhouse"): extraction, amplification and detection.

- Realtime PCR: extraction, amplification, detection;

- Genotypic detection of ganciclovir resistance.


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