Health and wellness sciences and technologies

Education objectives

The PhD programme in Health and Well-being Sciences and Technologies has the overall objective of making an original and innovative scientific contribution, providing the acquisition of advanced research skills for the areas of specialty of the course, with the following as its backdrop and distinctive features:


- Advanced training in the design, planning and execution of scientific research in Health, Well-being, Nursing and Technologies associated to health, respecting the highest scientific, ethical, academic and professional demands and quality standards;


Deepening of knowledge for the practice of advanced scientific research, integrated in the various Research units to which the faculty members belong, or in similar organisations through the establishment of national and international cooperation protocols with know-how in the areas of the PhD programme.


General characterization

DGES code



PhD (3rd Cycle)



Access to other programs



Professor Doutor Manuel Lopes (UEVORA) / Professora Doutora Helena Canhão (NMS|FCM)

Opening date

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Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

 The following are specific conditions for admission a) Holders of a Master's degree or legal equivalent in areas of Health Sciences, Nursing, Health Technologies, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Human Motricity, Engineering and Computer Sciences, or other related areas; b) Holders of a Master's degree in any area of knowledge when holding a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum in the area of health; c) Exceptionally, holders of a licenciado degree or legal equivalent in the areas referred to in a), or other related areas conferred by a Portuguese higher education institution, with a minimum classification of 16/20, as well as graduates from foreign institutions with an equivalent degree and classification, recognized in legal terms, and holding a relevant scientific curriculum in the area of health, that attests to their capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the consortium institution that coordinates each edition of the course (University of Évora or New University of Lisbon); d) Admission into the specialty area of nursing shall be limited to graduates and masters in nursing. The recognition referred to in the previous number is proposed to the statutorily competent body of the host institution by the Course Director.

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

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1st Year
Code Name ECTS
531019 Health Technology and Assessment 6
531013 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6
531011 Big Data in Health Sciences and Technologies 6
1st Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
531001 Bioethics 6
531000 Epistemology of Health and Wellbeing Sciences 9
531002 Advanced Research Methodologies I 9
531016 Health Contracting and Financing Models 6
531014 Vulnerable Populations 6
531010 Content Analysis in Health Sciences 6
531017 Oral and Written Communication in Science 6
1st Year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
531015 Active and Healthy Aging 6
531004 Advanced Qualitative Research Methodologies 6
531021 Thesis Project on Health and Welbeing Sciences 9
531027 Nursing Thesis Project 9
531033 Health and Technologies Thesis Project 9
531018 Digital Health 6
531012 Risk Management and Patient Safety 6
531020 Advanced Studies Seminar in Health and Wellness Sciences 9
531026 Advanced Nursing Studies Seminar 9
531032 Seminar on advanced studies in Health and Technologies 9
2nd Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
531023 Seminar on the development of thesis I in Health Sciences and Welbeing 6
531029 Seminar on the Development of Thesis I in Nursing 6
531035 Seminar on the Development of Thesis I in Health and Technologies 6
3rd Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
531025 Thesis II Development Seminar in Health and Welbeing Sciences 6
531031 Nursing Thesis II Development Seminar 6
531037 Seminar on the Development of Thesis II in Health and Technologies 6
2nd or 3rd Year
Code Name ECTS
531022 Thesis in Health and Welbeing Sciences 54
531028 Nursing Thesis 54
531034 Thesis in Health and Technologies 54