Área de Especialização em Cinema e Televisão

Education objectives

The Master in Communication Sciences was renewed in January 2022, maintaining the offer of 5 areas of specialization - Cinema and Television, Communication and Arts, Strategic Communication, Contemporary Culture and New Technologies, and Media Studies and Journalism. The new seminars enrich a diversified curricular offer that better response to the formative demands of the 2nd cycle in Communication Sciences, contemplating:
- An applied dimension that produces rigorous knowledge from an academic point of view and is socially useful to policymakers, activists, professionals, creators and citizens interested in the field of media and communication. This interdisciplinary perspective includes attention to current issues from a communication perspective and attunement with the dynamics of the market, politics and society;
- A research dimension, which articulates theories and research, favouring synergies and the involvement of master's students in research projects, directing those who wish to pursue doctoral studies;
- A dimension of creation, anchored in disruptive practices, of innovation and re-reading, focusing on the relationships between media and society, communication and culture, technologies and arts.

General characterization

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Specialization Area



Access to other programs

Access to the cycle of studies which leads to a Doctorate Degree. For the specific access conditions, consult the regulations governing the doctoral programmes at NOVA FCSH.


Carla Maria dos Santos Filipe Batista

Opening date



Available soon


1200 Euros/year or 2500 Euros/year (foreign students)


Presencial Pós-Laboral

Teaching language

Portuguese language

Degree pre-requisites

Length: 3 semesters.
Total credits: 90 credits (60 in course units of the study programme + 30 in the non-taught component).
Types of non-taught component: Dissertation, Project Work, Practical Work Experience with Report.
The degree of «mestre» corresponds to the level 7 of the NQF and EQF-National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.

This path is an option of

Master in Communication Sciences

Conditions of admittance

Application and access conditions to the cycle of studies reflect the conditions established in the national legislation, namely: - to hold a licenciado degree or legal equivalent; -to hold a foreign academic degree recognized by the Scientific Council of NOVA FCSH. - to hold an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae recognized by the Scientific Council of NOVA FCSH. Applicants will be selected and ranked according to the criteria annually defined in the application edict.

Evaluation rules

A final grade, expressed as a number between 10 and 20 on a scale of 0 to 20 as well as its equivalent on the ECTS grading scale, is awarded for the post-graduate diploma. The final grade of the post-graduate diploma is the average, by credit, of the grades obtained in the course units in which the student obtained the 60 credits from the taught part of the Masters course. A final grade, expressed as a number between 10 and 20 on a scale of 0 to 20 as well as its equivalent on the ECTS grading scale, is awarded for the Masters degree. The final grade of the Masters degree will be the average of the final grade of the taught part of the course, weighted to 40%, and the grade awarded to the dissertation, project work or practical work experience report, weighted to 60%.


Elective options 2
Code Name ECTS
Mandatory ECTS number: 30
Elective options Units 1
Code Name ECTS
722011031 Television Workshop 10.0
02107610 Contemporary Audiovisual: Creation, Production and Distribution 10.0
722011134 Contemporary Cinema 10.0
722011035 Portuguese Cinema 10.0
02107621 Direction of Actors 10.0
722011046 Documentary 10.0
722011133 Photography and Cinema 10.0
02107632 Audiovisual Narratives of Non Fiction 10.0
722011077 Film Direction 10.0
Mandatory ECTS number: 40
Rule that allows enrollment in a maximum of 20 ECTS from the available 2ºnd cycle offer from NOVA FCSH or other Univeristy