Contemporary French Culture


1. To improve the capacity to analyze various types of documents and discourses (political, propaganda, publicity, journalistic, philosophical, literary, essays, musical, cinematographic, etc.) from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective;
2. To identify and analyze, in a critical way, the artistic productions of the French Contemporary World;
3. Be aware of the complex relationships between history, culture and symbolic representations;
4. To transfer acquired knowledge, operative concepts and methodologies to an adequate identification and analysis of emerging problems related to Contemporary French Culture;
7. To gain knowledge and skills to prepare and present a scientific communication, according to the academic parameters.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Carlos Fonseca Clamote Carreto


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language



Not applicable.


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Teaching method

Presentation, questioning and debate on the various points of the program.
Tutorialguifance in order to prepare a research work.

Evaluation method

Evaluation Method - Participation in seminars (critical readings, substantiated interventions, presentation of papers)(30%), Research work on an original theme (15-20 pages) and discussion(70%)

Subject matter

1. Cultural History and Symbolic Representation

1.1. Contemporary France: history, problems and cultural dynamics
1.2. Cultural Studies and French Studies: concepts, methodologies, sources
1.3. 1900: promises, utopias and dystopias

2. Culture in Time of War

2.1. From Belle Époque to Art Deco
2.2. Artistic vanguards and warlike imaginary
2.3. Art and Propaganda in the 20th Century

3. The New Cultural paradigms of the Post-War

3.1. Culture and mediatization
3.2. Nouvelle Vague, Nouveau Roman, Nouvelle Histoire
3.3. Universes of criticism: Structuralism, Deconstruction, Feminisms
3.4. May 68 - 50 years later: genesis, manifestations, impacts

4. The Challenges of the Globalization

3.1. French Global Studies
3.2. Globalization and identity reinvention
3.3. The Future of the Fracophonie