Topics in Literary Theory


a) To discuss literary theory concepts
b) To acquire skill methods on theory
c) Knowledge and argumentation practice on literary terms.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Humberto Carlos Catita Palma Brito


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language



Non applicable


Milan Kundera, A Arte do Romance
Walter Benjamin, “Sobre o conceito de história”
Jean François Lyotard : O Pós-moderno Explicado às Crianças, Publicações Dom Quixote, Lisboa, 1987
-L’inhumain. Causeries sur le temps, Galilée, Paris, 1988. Textos : «Avant-propos : de l’humain», « Si l’on peut penser sans corps» «Réécrire la modernité»

Teaching method

Through theoretical exposition and textual analysis this seminar will discuss conceptual, historical and rethorical questions concerning the texts and topics to be discussed in class. The students will be encouraged to elaborate on their views on such texts and topics, and they will be required to make one presentation in class.

Evaluation method

Evaluation method - for a final essay [4500-6000 words](70%), for a presentation in class.(30%)

Subject matter

This seminar will discuss the search for «impersonality» of style in realism and modernism, in literature, poetry, and photography, as well as the philosophical and artistic context from which it ensues. It will also discuss some of the implications and paradoxes of such «impersonality» of style, and one of its recurrent figures: the notion of «automatism» in literature and art.