Work Experience with Report in European Studies


1. Mobilize and apply scientific knowledge and soft skills to work to develop in a professional context;
2. Acquire / develop some of the skills required by the labor market, such as communication skills, teamwork, leadership skills and self-responsibility;
3. Promote independence and encourage creativity and innovation in response to the demands of a professional work environment.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Professor a definir - FCSH #1


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Total - 1540

Teaching language



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Adequada ao estágio

Teaching method

Supervision: the internship will be supervised by a representative of the host institution, in agreement with the supervisor responsible for FCSH. The internship itself will not be subject to formal assessment, although the work of the student is the subject of a report to be evaluated and reflective equivalent to 55 ECTS with public defense.
The external tutor is directly connected to FCSH supervisor through a contact that remains during the entire period of training. The work plan to be done by the student is articulated with the content of the teaching component along with their purpose and application in a professional context.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

The internship is done at institutions with experience of organizing internships for students of Masters, including AdvanceCare - Management of Health Services, Glaxo Smith Kline SA, Banco de Portugal, Lisbon Civil Government, IAPMEI - Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises , Diplomatic Institute, Iapmei, Higher Studies Military Institute, the Portuguese Institute of International Relations, Political Observatory, Institute of Development Studies, National Defence College.
It is anticipated the development of activities in various fields such as diplomacy, pharmaceutical industry, public administration, at central and local government, national defense and security.


Programs where the course is taught: