Final written assignment (curricular component) in History of Art


The learning outcomes are to learn to make a Research Project for the Final Course Work.
In this Final Work, in addition to the essay where the student must present the State of the art of his scientific theme for the Doctoral Project, they must include the Thesis Master Plan, a bibliography and a work schedule with a detailed proposal.
The students, supervised by their tutors must be able to consolidate the knowledge about the thesis theme, work methodologies and perspectives; bibliography and research sources.
In this regard, they are encouraged by tutors to identify their issues, to articulate a detailed examination of the theme with artistic and historical production. They are also encouraged to develop critical skills and tools necessary to write an essay that is that Final Work.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Margarida Duarte Brito Alves, Maria Raquel Henriques da Silva


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Total - 560

Teaching language





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Teaching method

The teaching methods are based on the sessions and /or meetings that the tutorial system offers. It´s this methodology that gave the students and frames the students research to the preparation of the Final Work and a broader one: the development of the PHD project. Thus, students are encouraged to analyze and discuss specific and general bibliographies, according to research topics; to discuss the difficulties they find with their tutors. Concrete examples for analysis and discussion can serve to guide students either to the theme of Final Work and the thesis plan or the detailed proposal of the work schedule.

Evaluation method

Evaluation method - The evaluation is based on the note given by the Jury, after de public defense of the Final Work.(100%)

Subject matter

This Curricular unite doesn´t have a syllabus.
As we said above, the students are encouraged to conclude the doctoral course (no degree granted), through the completion of the Final Work Course and its public presentation before a jury.