Introduction to Museology


a) To know the key milestones in the history of museums, including in Portugal;
b) To acknowledge the main museum functions, in relation to inventory, conservation, research, exhibition and communication;
c) To get to now the main contemporary debates in this scientific field and the challenges Museums are facing.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Alexandra Curvelo da Silva Campos


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language





BRIGOLA, João Carlos – Colecções, gabinetes e museus em Portugal no séc. XVIII. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, 2003
DESVALLÉES, André; MAIRESSE, François (Dir.), Dictionnaire encyclopédique de muséologie. Paris, Armand Colin, 2011
Grandes museus de Portugal. Lisboa, Jornal Público e Ed. Presença, 1992
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________ Manual de Museología. Madrid: Ed. Síntesis, 1998
MACDONALD, Sharon (Ed.) – A Companion to Museum Studies. Blackwell Publishing, 2006
SILVA, Raquel Henriques da – “Os museus: Histórias e prospectiva”. Século XX. Panorama da cultura portuguesa. Porto: Edições Afrontamento / Sociedade Porto 2001 / Fundação de Serralves, 2002 (coord. Fernando Pernes) 3º vol., pp. 65-108

Teaching method

Theoretical classes with the support of images, complemented, if possible, with visits to collections and museums. All evaluation elements are mandatory as well as the  presence of the students in at least 80% of the classes taught.

Evaluation method

Evaluation Methodologies - 1st written test(30%), 2nd written test(50%), participating in classes(20%)

Subject matter

The History of Museums: Collecting; spaces open to the public; nineteenth-century museums; the renovation of museums in the 20th century; exporting a model; the “new museology”.

Museology and Museography: definition of terms; inventory and documentation systems; preventive conservation and restoration; storages, permanent collection and temporary exhibitions; research and communication in museums.

Museums in Portugal: collecting; historical contextualization (18th-19th centuries); historical contextualization (the 20th century); case studies (eg National Art Museum and Calouste Gulbanekian Museum).

Current issues in Museology.


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