Contemporary Philosophy Themes


a) Comprehensive identification of fundamental issues in contemporary philosophical thought

b) To contextualize those issues diachronically and synchronically

c) To improve critical and analytical capabilities through the study of relevant contemporary philosophical texts

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Nuno Vieira da Rosa e Ferro


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language



Not applicable


KIERKEGAARD, S., (1980) The Sickness unto Death, Kierkegaards Writings¸vol, XIX, Princeton: Princeton University Press.

KIERKEGAARD, S., (1978) Two Ages, Kierkegaards Writings¸vol, XIV, Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Teaching method

Course of theoretical-practical character. The methodology used combines a theoretical examination of questions and the interpretation of texts. Analysis and commenting on the texts in question.

Evaluation method

Assessment - Proof of attendance(50%), Written work(50%)

Subject matter

Analysis of the forms of everydayness, in its variety and in its essential oneness, according to the point of view expressed in "The Sickness unto Death" by Anti-Climacus (pseudonym of Kierkegaard).

Everydayness as a form of despair and its forms: from the unconscious to "defiance".

The Kierkergaardian analysis of the "present period" and the verification of the validity of this analysis at the present time.

Analysis of the main problems of the "Literary Review" and its influence in contemporary philosophy


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