History of Revolutions in the Contemporary Era


a) To acquire the necessary scientific upgrade to the knowledge and the questioning of revolutions as a major modern/contemporary subject
b) Understand the causes, major events and consequences of revolutionary moments in Modern/Contemporary History
c) To question aspects of political and social modernity inherent to several modern/contemporary revolutions
d) To analyze the importance of revolutionary moments in the context of Modern/Contemporary History
e) To have the ability to present orally and to write a paper of original research
f) To acquire the knowledge to enable the pursue of a thorough research into the modern/contemporary era.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Daniel Ribeiro Alves


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language



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Teaching method

Theoretical classes with presentation by the professor of the various points of the program.
Theoretical-practical classes with oral presentation by students of selected texts, followed by discussion with colleagues and the professor.
Practical classes with distribution of texts for analysis and reflection; dedicated to the preparation of oral presentations; dedicated to the preparation of research and the elaboration of written works.

Evaluation method

Attendance and interventions in debates in theoretical-practical classes - (30%)
Oral presentation (10 minutes) of the draft version of the research work, in the class of May 31, 2023 - (10%)
Elaboration of a research work using sources (between 35 thousand and 40 thousand characters with spaces, not counting footnotes and bibliography), to be delivered in its final version on June 7, 2023 (by email and printed) - (60%)

Grade improvement with new research work, to be delivered preferably in the following semester.

Subject matter

From the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century

- The concept of "revolution": from sources to historiography
- Revolution, revolt and rebellion: variations on the same topic?
- The importance of the revolutionary moment(s) in contemporary history

Founding revolutions?
- The American Revolution between ruptures and permanences
- The French Revolution in History and Historiography: the origins, the Terror and the legacy of the French Revolution
- The Haitian Revolution

Liberal revolutions in Europe: first waves?
- Revolutions in Mediterranean Europe
- Revolution of 1830 in France

Failed revolutions?
- The revolutions of 1848
- The Paris Commune of 1871

Last wave of the 19th century or first of the 20th century?
- The Russian Revolution of 1905
- The Young Turks Revolution of 1908
- The Portuguese Republican Revolution of 1910
- The Chinese Republican Revolution of 1911

A new kind of revolution for the 20th century?:
- Introduction to the Russian Revolution of 1917