Project 2


Projecto 2 allows the student to develop skills in a specific area of interest, whether in an academic environment or in an institutional context. The student must carry out a task related to the safeguard of our cultural heritage, under the guidance of a professor or other professional belonging to the host institution.

The student must acquire new skills, as well as apply the knowledge and work tools previously acquired .

The work to be developed may take on different shapes, depending on the objectives.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Élia Catarina Tavares Costa Roldão, Joana Lia Antunes Ferreira


Weekly - 5

Total - 64

Teaching language



It has no application´s condition.


(to be defined on a case-by-case basis, according to the objectives to be achieved.)

Teaching method

To be defined case by case.

Evaluation method

Conservation & Restoration Practice: double the hours in the CR UC the student is attending (same grade as that obtained in CR, does not have a separat evaluation)


Report delivered until the 30th of Jun and Presentation + Discussion on the 1oth of July.

The students can only present/discuss the work after a positive evaluation of the report by the supervisors.

Max of 15 pages / 20 if it includes Project 1 + Projcet 2

The student must send the PDF version to both Responsibles for this CU and also to the supervisor until the deadline indicated above.

Supervisor Assessment (50% of the final grade) 

The assessment will be made by the supervisor, who will consider the work plan defined with the student and the goals reached. The supervisor will choose the standards of evaluation to be used in this component of the discipline assessment.

Oral presentation and discussion (50% of the final grade)

The oral presentation (10 min) is evaluated by an examiner specialized in the field of the projects. Discussion is 20 min.


Final Grade = (SG*0.5) + (JG*0.5) 

SG= Supervisor''''s Grade

JG= Juri''''s Grade


BE AWARE: In any evaluation moment, students must also take into consideration the provisions of nº3 of article 10º of the ''Evaluation Rules of FCT NOVA'', “When fraud or plagiarism is proven in any of the evaluation elements of a UC, students directly involved are outright disapproved at UC, (…). ” 

Subject matter

The contents to be developed will be defined on a case-by-case basis and may be proposed by the supervisor/host institution or defined with the student, depending on his/her area of interest.