Dynamic Response of Structures


Provide doctoral candidates with knowledge of dynamics of structures, to support the doctoral thesis.

Transmit essential concepts regarding the assessment of behavior of structural systems under action of dynamic loads.

Develop the correlation capacity between model and calculation objectives, the model and real behavior of the constituent materials and methods of problem solving

Acquire basic engineering culture in the area of specialization

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ildi Cismasiu


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 28

Teaching language



To be admitted to PhD study cylce


Bibliografia fornecida pelo docente em função do tema a desenvolver

Teaching method

Presentation of conceptual material, data distribution and suggestion for further readings.

Regular meetings for discussion of progress and illustration with benchmark problems.

Evaluation method

Continuous assessment through weekly meetings between officials and candidates. Evaluation report on overall activities that include the presentation of results for problems suggested.

Subject matter

Modeling of structural response dynamics: continuous systems and discrete. Damping and constitutive laws. Non-linear systems 1 GDL - equations of motion and characterisation. Numerical Integration of equations of motion. Spectra of linear response and importance of ductility.

Spectral modal response. Characterization of dynamic actions: earthquakes, wind, explosion and operation of machines. Special issues: interaction soil-structure; base isolation; vibrations induced by human activities; hydrodynamic action; energy. dissipators


Course structure and content is subject to change