Decision Support Methods


• The course aims to provide trainees with knowledge of decision support models, namely Cost-Benefit Analysis (ACB), Multi-criteria Analysis (AM) and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (ACE), in the context of rail-road rehabilitation interventions.

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Zuzana Dimitrovova


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Total - 12

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• Basic notions of construction economics and management.


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Teaching method

The teaching methodology comprises theoretical-practical classes, where various topics related to: i) Public policies - transport infrastructures are addressed; ii) Support for investment decisions; iii) Multi-criteria analysis (AM); iv) Cost-benefit analysis (CBA); v) Alternative methods - risk analysis (AR), cost-effectiveness analysis (ACE), cost-utility analysis (ACU), cost-benefit analysis (CBA); vi) Examples of application (lectures).

Classes are presented on a digital platform (Zoom), using slides, copies of which are made available to trainees. The evaluation of the discipline is carried out through practical assignments and their respective presentation.

Evaluation method

Report (80%) and its presentation (20%).

Subject matter

• Introduction to decision support methods
• Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)
• Multi-criteria analysis (AM)
• Cost-effectiveness analysis (ACE)
• Application to railway rehabilitation.


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