Introduction to Civil Engineering


1. To identify the challenges of Civil Engineering and the roles played by a civil engineer in the society, inserting them in a historical perspective.
2. To know the main skills and functions required to a civil engineer.
3. To enumerate the essential aspects of the basic formation of a civil engineer.
4. To introduce some important basic knowledge in different areas of application of Civil Engineering.

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Responsible teacher

Corneliu Cismasiu, Filipe Pimentel Amarante dos Santos


Weekly - 3

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Subject matter

- Introduction to structural behaviour

- Architecture and planning

- Steel Structures

- History of reinforced concrete

- Earthquakes and seismic engineering

- Bridge engineering

- Dam engineering

- Wind towers

- Construction Management and Technologies

- Buildings, Energy and Comfort

-Communication and Transportation routes

- Geotechnical studies associated with the design of a civil engineering project

- The inclination to geotechnics in civil engineering - the case of the Tower of Pisa

- Maritime Transport and Ports


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