Project and Workshop


The goals of this course are: To design, write, manage, build and present a free-theme project.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Mauro António Moreira Guerra


Weekly - 1

Total - 40

Teaching language



There are no previous requirements for this course.


Project Management for Scientists and Engineers

By: Merrie Barron, Andrew R. Barron, Connexions (opensource)



By John H. Moore, Christopher C. Davis, Michael A. Coplan and Sandra C. Greer

Cambridge University Press, Jun 2009 | Edition: 4

ISBN-13: 9780521878586

Teaching method

The training provided in this curricular unit is given in the form of theory-practical classes as well as workshop tutorials. During the semester, the students carry out the preparation leading to the design, realization and presentation of an engineering project with tutorial follow-up.

Evaluation method

According to the institution grading regulation "Regulamento de Avaliação da FCT" (Aproved by the Executive Council on 8-6-2015), the grading in the curricular unit "Projecto e Oficinas" is framed in the type "Laboratorial or Project".

The evaluation is composed by the folloing components:

  • Execution of a project (content, performance and assiduity) - 50%
  • Written reports (proposal, statement of work, final) - 40%
  • Oral presentations - 10%

Subject matter

In this course, the students will acquire the basic skills that are necessary for the design, writing, execution and presentation of a research or engineering project.

In a broad way, the work that will be developed can be structured according to the following set of activities:

  • Concepts
    • Project management
    • Written and oral communication
    • Mechanical development
  • Workshop practices
    • Mechanics
    • Digital design
    • Metalwork
    • Electronics
  • Project
    • Donception
    • Documentation
    • Execution
    • Presentation


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