Design Theory and Methodologies


To know the main approaches to support the development of engineering design.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

António José Freire Mourão, João Manuel Vicente Fradinho


Weekly - 4

Total - 86

Teaching language



No requirements are needed.


- Axiomatic Design lecture notes (2021) (Elements from João Fradinho classes)

- Park, G.-J. (2007). Analytic Methods for Design Practice. London: Springer-Verlag

- Fradinho J, Mourão A, Gabriel-Santos A, Cavique M, Gonçalves-Coelho A. An axiomatic design interpretation on the use of response surface methodology to solve coupled designs. Proc. ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition. 2015 .

- Other elements provided by teachers.

Teaching method

The teaching method in the theoretical-practical classes is essentially the oral exposition of the subjects, accompanied by drawings, diagrams and notes/summary made by the teacher using means of projection. The teacher presents standard problems and solves them in order to show the students the solution strategy.

The practical works are presented and the teacher defines a time period for their resolution outside the classroom, following the progress of the works.

Evaluation method

- Continuous assessment: presentation of two group works and a test (and/or exam).

- Obtaining frequency: realization of the group works.

- Presentation of Work 1 - End of April                                             (20% of the final classification)

- Presentation of Work 2 - Mid May                                                  (20% of the final classification)

- Realization of the Test - Beginning of June (and / or the exam)     (60% of the final classification)

- Exemption of examination: weighted average ≥ 10.

Subject matter

Analysis and synthesis in engineering design.

The main stages of the design development process.

The principles of design of N.P. Suh (Axiomatic Design).

The Theory of Inventing Problem Solving (TRIZ/TIPS).

The Quality Function Deployment - QFD.

The Design Structure Matrix - DSM.

The Decision Matrix.

The Systematic Design of Pahl & Beitz.

Some current paradigms of engineering design: Life cycle; Concurrent Engineering; Design for X (DFX); the Kano''''s space.


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