Geotechnical Project


To develop the ability to perform design in the geotechnical field

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Nuno Manuel da Costa Guerra, Pedro Fernando e Mota Guedes de Melo


Weekly - 4

Total - 56

Teaching language



Basic knowledge of engineering geology, soil mechanics and safety analysis according to Eurocodes 7 and 8.


Will be available along the semester.

Teaching method

Classes for presentation and explanation of the program and classes for the development of Geotechnical Designs.

Evaluation method

The final classification is given by the evaluation of the designs developed during the semester and by its discussion in an oral exam.

Subject matter

The syllabus will be adjusted to the designs that, each year, will be presented to students for development, but will include the following general topics:

1.      Structure of a Geotechnical Design.

2.      Relevant geological and geotechnical information for the development of a Geotechnical Design.

3.      Geotechnical surveys.

4.      Geotechnical characterization based on field and laboratory tests.

5.      Integrated analysis of results for the definition of the most adequate values for the main geotechnical parameters.

6.      Conception and design of geotechnical structures, using the principals of EC7 and EC8.

7.      Commercial software to support design.

8.      Construction techniques.

9.      Monitoring of geotechnical structures.