Steel Structures


This course deals with the design and safety evaluation of steel structures, according to the new European regulations on this domain (Eurocode 3).

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Carlos Gomes Rocha de Almeida


Weekly - 4

Total - 63

Teaching language



Knowledge of Statics and Strength of Materials



“Eurocódigo 3: Projecto de Estruturas de Aço - Parte 1.1, Parte 1.5 e Parte 1.8", Comissão Europeia de Normalização.

"Manual de Dimensionamento de Estruturas Metálicas" (2ª edição), R. A. D. Simões, CMM. 

“Estabilidade Estrutural”, A. Reis, D. Camotim, McGraw-Hill.

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“Construction Métallique et Mixte Acier-Béton”, P. Bourrier, J. Brozetti, Éditions Eyrolles.

“Design of Structural Elements”, C. Arya, E & FN Spon.

"Design of Steel Structures", L. Simões da Silva, R. Simões. H. Gervásio, ECCS, Ernst & Sohn.

Teaching method

Theoretical and practical lectures.



Evaluation method

The classification of each student is based on the results of a written test, at the end of term time (or, alternatively, an exam, after term time) and of a group project followed by oral discussion.


The test and exam include several questions for assessing the student knowledge on the subjects taught. Furthermore, with the help of the Eurocode 3 and assorted tables, students are asked to solve problems similar to the ones analyzed during lectures.


The project, to be carried out by groups of up to 4 students, consists of the design of a simple steel structure. After submission, the project is orally discussed.


The final classification is based on the classifications obtained in the test (or exam) and in the group project, according to:

Final mark: 0.7*(exam grade)+0.3*(project+oral discussion)


Approval requires a final classification of at least 9,5/20, being also required a minimum of 8,0/20 in the written test or exam and no more than 9 unjustified absences to lectures.


Any student may present himself to the exam, even if he has previousy done the test. The final grade of the written component will be the best of the grades obtained in the test and in the exam.

Subject matter

1 - Steel characteristics and properties. Types of structural steel.

2 - Conception of steel structures. Frames, trusses, bracings, roofs, wall panels and coverings.

3 - Structural design of steel elements according to Eurocode 3.

4 - Verification to plastic yield, instability and deformation.


5 - Consideration of second-order effects.


6 - Analysis of columns, beams, column-beams, girders, hollow beams, plates and stiffeners.

7 - Bolted and welded connections in steel construction.

8 - Design and detailing of structural connections.