Projects in Mathematics


At the end of this course the student should have:

(i) acquired knowledge in the project area that allows him to explore, apply and substantiate specific methodologies to analyse the underlying mathematical problems;

ii) developed skills to investigate (look for appropriate methodologies) autonomously;

iii) strengthened the ability in teamwork;

iv) improved writing skills of scientific reports;

v) improved their oral presentation skills on scientific subjects.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Jorge Orestes Lasbarrères Cerdeira


Weekly - 2

Total - 28

Teaching language





Depends on the specific project.

Teaching method

In a first meeting each teacher (tutor) presents one project to be developed in an area (e.g., Number Theory, Operational Research, Mathematical Models in Biology, Set Theory). Groups of (~ 5) students are formed for each project. For each group is established the set of milestones and their schedule, which culminates with the writing of a report and an oral presentation. The evaluation focuses (80%) on these two elements (report 50%, presentation 30%) and, with less weight (20%) on the presentations (oral and / or written) in the other phases of project development. Throughout the quarter the tutor guides the oriented students in weekly meetings classes where he appreciates the state of development of the project and the convergence of the result of his autonomous research with the focus on the project stages. 

Evaluation method

The assesment is based on a final written report (weight 50%) and an oral presentation (weight 30%), and with less weight (20%) on the presentations (oral and / or written) in the other phases of project development. 

Subject matter

Depends on the specific project.