History of Mathematics


At the end of this course the students should have a general idea of the History of Mathematics, as it shaped the concepts, tools, and methodologies of modern Mathematics.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Isabel Maria Oitavem Fonseca da Rocha Kahle


Weekly - 2

Total - 26

Teaching language



Elementar knowledge of mathematics.


A Matemática na Antiguidade, José Sebastião e Silva. Leituras em Matemática, SPM, 2000. ISBN: 978-972-98656-0-2

The History of Mathematics: A Source-based Approach (Volume 2), June Barrow-Green, Jeremy Gray, and Robin Wilson. AMS/MAA Press, Vol. 61, 2022. ISBN: 978-1-4704-4382-5

Teaching method

Usual university-style Math teaching with an active participation of the student (seminar).

Seminar + Report + Oral examination (optional): 100%

Evaluation method

The student must attend to 2/3 of the given lectures.


Evaluation is based on one project per student (presentation, discussion and report) and one test. The project contributs with 80% to the final grade, and the test contributs with 20%.

Grades greater or equal than 10 points lead to approval.

Whenever the grade is more or equal than 18 points, an extra examination might be required. If the student declines it, the final grade of 17 points will be given.

Subject matter

1. Greek Mathematics

2. Algebra and Analytic Geometry

3. Newton and Leibniz

4. Non-euclidean Geometries

5. Modern Mathematics