Analytical Mechanics


Describe the equations of mechanics in general coordinates.
Understand what a Law of Physics is.
This is the first contact for a Mathematics student with the Mathematical techniques for mechanics, in an applied

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Fábio Augusto da Costa Carvalho Chalub


Weekly - 4

Total - 56

Teaching language



Good command of differential and integral calculus in one and more variables, ordinary differential equations and linear matrix algebra. Notions of partial differential equations.


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Teaching method

The classes will have a theoretical and practical character. In addition to the presentation of the subject, which is
illustrated with examples of application, are proposed for resolution by students, exercises of application of the
methods and results presented.
Any questions are answered in the course of classes or sessions designed to attend students or in sessions arranged
directly between student and teacher.
The assessment consists in the evaluation of work reports written by the students.

Evaluation method

The assessment consists of homework (50%), an exam (30%), and a written report followed by a short presentation (20%).

Subject matter

Part I - Dynamics of Particles

Part II - Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

Part III - - Calculus of Variations

Part IV - Continuum mechanics