Hydrogen Production and Utilization


Acquisition of knowlegde, ability and expertise: a) Process of production, storage and utilization of hydrogen; b) Economic and environmental viability; Resolution of real problems.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Luísa Almaça da Cruz Fernando


Weekly - 4

Total - 63

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Background on biology, chemistry and physics.


Ryan, O`Hayre, Whitney Colella, SuK-Won Cha and Fritz B. Prinz (2009) Fuel Cell Fundamentals, 2nd Edition, Wiley (Ed.), 576 pp (ISBN 978 0470258439)

Ram, B. Gupta (2008) Hydrogen Fuel: Production, Transport, and Storage, Ram, B. Gupta (Ed.), CRC Press (Publs.), 624 pp (ISBN 978 1420045758) 

Craig A. Grimes, Oohmman K. Varghes, Sudhir Ranjan (2007) Light, Water, Hydrogen: The Solar Generation of Hydrogen by Water Photoelectrolysis, Springe (Publs.), 568 pp (ISBN 978-0387331980)




Teaching method

Theorethical sessions supported by datashow.Theorethical-practical sessions of aplications, problems and case studies.  

Evaluation method

Evaluation of theoretical-practical component: 2 individual mini-tests (each one 35% of the final grade). Evaluation of the practical component: group  presentation (30% final mark). 

Final rating: 0.35 *  Mini-test1+0.35 * Mini-test2 * +0.3 *  presentation Resolution. Approval with a minimum score of 9.5 (scale of 20).

Students who do not pass their continuous assessment examination may attend the final exam: 0.7 * final exam* +0.3 *  presentation. Approval with a minimum score of 9.5 (scale of 20).

Subject matter

Hydrogen and energy crisis. Perspectives and future role of hydrogen as an energy source in the context of the renewable energies.

Hydrogen as an energy vector: utilization, transport and storage. Hydrogen properties compared to other fuels. Fuel cells. Nanotechnologies for hydrogen storage.

Production of hydrogen. Classical methods: Electrolysis of water; from fossil fuels.Renewable energy production coupled with the production of H2. Thermo-chemical and biological methods for the production of hydrogen from biomass.


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