Thesis Project (G)


At the end of the course, the student should have a thorough perspective of the state of the art in a chosen area of research, being able to identify the most interesting problems that requires investigation during the preparation of his PhD. Additionally, will produce, with the help of the supervisor, a detailed work plan as well as the technology plan to achieve the main objectives of research.

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Responsible teacher

José Carlos Ribeiro Kullberg


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 190

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Considering the chosen scientific area, selected research papers (recent papers and other influential articles), books and other relevant literature sources.

Teaching method

The guiding through individual and systematic work sessions with the student, will identify the most relevant topics in studied articles, the establishment of relations between them and the identification of relevant gaps.

This course should result in the preparation of a written document that includes, among other things, a description of the problem to be solved with explicit objectives to be reached. Additionally, a description of the state of the art, techniques and methodologies to be flown, and the expected results will be provided.

Evaluation method

The student will be evaluated by the Thesis Project, which will be presented orally and publicly, before the Thesis Monitoring Committee, which will point adjustments and improvements.

Subject matter

The contents will depend on the topic chosen by the student, but the study will consist of aspects considered relevant to the topic of research in which the student prepares his thesis plan, including a survey of the state of the art and the work plan of to be carried out during the PhD. Students will also acquire knowledge about the scientific method and will develop different technological research work approaches.


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