Paper and Cellulosic Materials


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General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Helena Figueiredo Godinho


Weekly - 4

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P.J. Flory "Principles of Polymer Chemistry", Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N.Y. (1953)

R.D. Gilbert, Cellulosic Polymers, Blends and Composites, Hanser, Munich (1994)

W. Hamad, Cellulosic Materials, Kluwer Academic Publishers, London (2001)

P.A. Williams, Cellulosic pulps, fibres and materials, Woodhead Publishing ltd, Cambridge (2000)

N.-S. Hon, N. Shiraishi, Wood and Cellulosic Chemistry, Marcel Dekker, N.Y. (2000)

Artigos a distribuir durante as aulas teóricas

Teaching method

The UC is divided in theoretical and practical classes. In the theoretical classes, the fundamentals of the topic to be addressed will be presented, using animations, figures and schemes in “data-show”. It follows the analysis and discussion, together, of the subject, supported by scientific publications. The support material presented in the “data-show” will be made available to students.

The practical classes will be all in a laboratory environment, in a set of 4 practical assignments to be carried out throughout the semester (when possible, due to the actual unsual situation). Practical assignment guides will be made available to students.

Evaluation method

Throughout the semester laboratory works will be carried out with presential classes, which will be the basis for the preparation of a report for each work. The evaluation of the theorical part will be done by two tests, and final exam if the average of the tests is not achieved.

The final classification is calculated as follows: Average of the tests or exam (50%) + Classification of the practical part (50%)

The approval implies frequency, average of tests or exam> 9.5 values and classification of the practical part also> 9.5.

Subject matter

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