Integrated Laboratory Practicals II


The objective of this curricular unit is to introduce students to scientific research at ITQB NOVA, FCT NOVA, and NMS|FCM and help them identify a suitable topic/laboratory for the development of the master''''''''''''''''s thesis.

This curricular unit follows up, and expands, the knowledge acquired on Integrated Laboratory Practices I, where the students had contact with multiple techniques used in the biochemistry laboratory.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Lígia Maria de Oliveira Martins, Maria Teresa Nunes Mangas Catarino


Weekly - 1

Total - 84

Teaching language



Not applicable.


Specific references for each project.

Teaching method

A list of short-projects will be available before the start of the Curricular Unit, previously prepared by the instructors, with the collaboration of researchers from ITQB, FCT and FCM.

After choosing the projects, students will perform the experimental work in a research laboratory, using the experimental techniques available being the work monitored by a tutor from the host laboratory.

Evaluation method

The students will be a continuously evaluated (40%) and at the end of the Curricular Unit will write a short report (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion and References) of one of the rotations (30%) and will present orally the work performed (30%). 

Subject matter

The students will plan and undertake experimental work to achieve the goals of the chosen research projects, making use of the different experimental techniques and methods available at the research laboratories of ITQB, FCT and FCM.


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