Advanced Topics in Radiation Biology and Biophysics I


 In frame with the work developed in the Advanced Topics in Radiation Biology and Biophysics I module, it is expected that students will continue to develop technical and scientific skills related to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation interaction with matter, with special attention being paid to biophysical and biologic processes. Emphasis will be put in the direct contact with state-of-the-art research. It is also intended that students develop critical thinking and appropriate bibliographic knowledge in matters related to the topics of the PhD program. Finally, an additional goal is to promote the interaction with researchers and their research interests which, in time, could contribute to PhD thesis work.


General characterization





Responsible teacher

Paulo Manuel Assis Loureiro Limão Vieira


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 84

Teaching language



There are no formal requirements since it depends on the students background.


To be supplied prior to each theme deliver.

Teaching method

The contents of the curricular unit will be presented in two weekly class types: i) seminar classes, onsite and/or by videoconference, taught by experts on the above cited themes and ii) journal-club classes, that will include presentation and group discussion of an article published in an international journal. It will also be asked that students prepare an individual essay in specific chosen themes. Evaluation will take into account seminar attendance, papers presentation/discussion and essay.

Evaluation method

The evaluation process will accommodate information about students’ motivation and active participation, preparing a written and oral presentation on one of the topics included in the curricular structure. If applicable, a written examination will be delivered.

Subject matter

Taking in account an advanced and up-to-date nature the presented themes include (but are not restricted to):

- The physics and chemistry of radiation absorption;

- Single, double and multiple DNA strand breaks;

- Oxidative stress and reactive species;

- Radiation protection;

- Environmental and cellular detoxification systems;

- Linear energy transfer and relative biological effectiveness;

- Cell survival curves and dose-response relationships for model normal tissues

- Radiotherapy and dose planning and modeling

It should be noticed that the lectured themes will not be coincident with the themes taught in the Advanced Topics in Radiation Biology and Biophysics I module.