Contract Law


This is a core curricular unit in the law degree, and it is intended that students have the necessary basis for the analysis of any (private law) contract, regardless of the type of contract and the parties involved. Students should begin by identifying a contractual relationship and understand the importance of the contract in the current economic model. In a second step, it is fundamental that students have an in-depth knowledge of the the general legal regime applicable to the contract with regard to conclusion, content, invalidity and
invalidity and ineffectiveness, especially performance and non-performance. It is important to understand how should be interpreted and adapted the rules of our Civil Code that are built based on the figure of the legal transaction (with respect to the formation of the contract) or as a reference to the simple to the simple dichotomy between performance and lack or impossibility of performance.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Joana Campos Carvalho


Weekly - 4.5

Total - 54

Teaching language



General Theory of Private Law; Law of Obligations.


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Teaching method

Theoretical classes will be combined with hands-on exercises.

Evaluation method

Final exam.

Mid-term test, participation in classes..

Subject matter

1. Introduction to contract law. 2. Conclusion. 3. Contents. 4. Invalidity and ineffectiveness. 5. Performance and non-performance.


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